Ch0533 koren chef yumei shi english cv


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  • Hi! This is Mohammed, General Manager of National Catering Services Company - U.A.E. I'm looking for a korean Executive Chef/ Chef. If your are interested, please send your contact information email/phone no. Furthermore, please recommend to your friends too..
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Ch0533 koren chef yumei shi english cv

  1. 1. CH0533Yumei SHI Resume Personal Background:       1. Name:Yumei SHI 2. Height / Weight:163cm/52kg 3. DOB:1969-6-29 4. Place of Birth:Jilin Province 5. Ethnic Minority:Han 6. Previous passport held:None 7. Previous Immigration History : None 8. Years of Experience : Since 1990 as Korean Cuisine Chef 9. Level of Chef certificate : Technical College in Cookery 10. Marital Status: Divorced Age of Child: 11. Smoker: No 12.English Qualification: High School Cantonese: None 13.Passed UK BA requested English:Yes 14.Highest Qualification Sought:Technical College in Cookery Qualification gained (please state start and finish dates and place of study): Sep 1978 to July 1983 Jilin Province, Yongji Town, Shuanghe Town, Xiang Miao Ling Village Primary School Sep 1983 to July 1986 Jilin Province, Yongji Town, 30 High School Work Experience (Covering the last 5 years, please state start, finish dates, and place of work): 2009~Present date: Jilin Korean Village Restaurant Company Location: Jilin Korean Village Restaurant is located on the golden location of Jiefang North Road, Jilin City (previously known as Human Resources Building). Dining facility : Restaurant has a total of 7 floors , ground to 2nd floors provides a large variety of classical yet authentic Japanese and Korean cuisines, which represents the genuine reflection of
  2. 2. Japanese and Korean cultures. Ground floor is the main dining hall ,which can accommodate approx 400 diners at one time, 1st and 2nd floors contains a large number of large and small private function rooms ,3rd floor is the banqueting hall, to accommodate wedding, graduation, business functions and banquet. The 4th and 5th Floors are the Chinese cuisine department, serving large varieties of sea delicacies, such as: abalones, sea cucumber, shark fins, birds nest, etc. Job title:Korean Cuisine Head Chef Responsibilities: Apart from cooking Korean cuisine dishes , she also co-ordinates with seniors staffs from other departments to ensure work efficiency and working relationships. Find resolving solutions for issues accountered during work, work station and job allocation for her subordinates. Offer training to junior staffs, ensure health and hygiene and safety within own department. Carry out market research, design new dishes for the Korean cuisine department. Feb 2008~2009: Jilin Koryo Dynasty Restaurant(Part of Jilin Province Koryo Dynasty Restaurant Group) Company Information : Jilin Province Koryo Dynasty restaurant Group was established in 2001, in the past 9 years, the Koryo dynasty, always adhering to the development of national food culture and business platform for more responsibility to provide innovative growth of the culture concept. Restaurant management group affiliated with steak sauce to soup pot, large Korean cold noodles, big taste fine food Square, cooking fish on behalf of the many food brands, the distribution of its direct sales stores and chain river north and south, the number more than 100. Koryo dynasty, especially the steak sauce soup hot pot cuisine, which uses fresh juicy meat, the "extension of cattle," steak and the Changbai Mountain Spring Brewing Ingredients Korean miso soup, Korean food culture will be "heavy ingredients, light flavor" to the very essence of play To. Koryo dynasty steak sauce soup since 2004 has been widely launched gourmet's favorite, the four direct sales stores is booming, many stores blossom everywhere, and obtained the national patent right Jicai food, the people's most favorite soup, and many other honors. Job Title:Korean Cuisine Chef Responsibilities: Prepare and cook the most authentic Korean Cuisine dishes, such as: variety of Korean Soup dishes, Kimchi Soups, Korean Barbeque dishes etc. Offer training and supervise the cooking skills of others, make adjustments to errors made appropriately, ensure kitchen cleanliness. 2005~2007: Jilin City San Pu River Koryo Garden Restaurant Company Information : San Pu River Koryo Garden restaurant is
  3. 3. located on Long Tan Road, Jilin City. The restaurant contains a total of 3 floors, ground floor main dining hall is able to accommodate approximately 200 diners at one time, 1st and 2nd Floors contains over 30 large and small private function rooms. Job title:Korean Cuisine Chef Responsibilities : Carry out own duties, use fresh ingredients to produce Japanese / Korean Cuisine dishes and soup dishes. Assist her superiors in kitchen managerial duties and carry out staff duty allocation. Speciality dishes: I treat my work with utmost responsibilities and respect, during the 19 years of being a chef, I have trained many other to also become competent chefs. I am also very experienced in kitchen management, is able to cook the cuisine dishes with authenticity. A few of my trainee chefs have also become competent head chefs themselves during their Korean Cuisine career development. I am specialised in vegetable bun dishes of meat, all kinds of Korean soups, such as: Miso soup, kimchi soup, seafood soup, seaweed beef, South Korea Teppanyaki series, Korean sushi etc. While working in Koryo Dynasty restaurant I have received tour groups and business visitors from both North and South Korea, they have complimented me about the authenticity of the Korean cuisine dishes I have produced. Photos of dishes:
  4. 4. Photos of Yumei SHI at work :