The Alliance Best Practice Benchmarking Database


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This short slide deck explains the structure and contents of the unique Alliance Best Practice Benchmarking Database. It also explains how clients typically use the database to optimise their alliance relationships.

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The Alliance Best Practice Benchmarking Database

  1. 1. The Alliance Best Practice Database ABPDBTM A description of the features and benefits of the ABPDBTM
  2. 2. Page  2 Contents Areas covered in this briefing pack What is it? Where has it come from? Why is it unique? How do clients use it? Why is it particularly relavent now? Who has used it? 1 2 3 4 5 What do they say about it? What results does it produce? How can I get more details? 6 7 8
  3. 3. Page  3 What is it? The ABP database contains over 180,000 observations of alliances in action The ABPDBTM  A relational database constructed from 52 defined success factors in strategic alliances.  A queryable source of best practice experience.  Over 300 in depth diagnostic assessments of strategic alliances in action.
  4. 4. Page  4 Where has it come from?  Secondary Research  Investigation of over 27,000 international strategic alliances.  Discovery of the 52 Critical Success Factors (CSFs).  Primary Research  Validation of research with ASAP practioners.  Development of the diagnostic tool.  Diagnostic approach used with over 300 analyses.  Ongoing Research  Segmentation of the database.  Insights based on trends becoming apparent.  Commercial value identified. The ABPDBTM is based on deep primary and secondary research
  5. 5. Page  5 Why is it unique?  No other independent source of data exists which specifically concentrates on business to business strategic alliances.  Other organisations have used internal partner healthchecks before but this only allows them to compare their own relationships.  Other research organisations use a flexible ‘library’ of criteria rather than sticking to a repeatable framework. The ABPDBTM is a unique store of best practices in strategic alliances
  6. 6. Page  6 How do clients use it? Relationship Potential  How does a single relationship benchmark against other similar best practice alliances?  Is there unrealised commercial potential in the relationship? Alliance Capability  What stage of alliance maturity are we currently at?  What challenges will we face in the near future and what successful strtegies have other organisations used to progress? Clients typically use it to assess relationship potential or alliance capability
  7. 7. Page  7 Why is it particularly relavent now? Rationalisation  The vast majority of companies are reassessing their strategic alliances are concentrating their resources on a smaller number.  This means that a relatively small number of companies will be significant ‘winners’. Risk  Companies want to know whether any of their strategic relationships are at risk.  If they are they also want to know what they can do about it. Return  In the current tight economic climate companies want to know that they are receiving the right commercial return from their partnering efforts. Rationalisation, Risk and Return are driving assessments in the recession
  8. 8. Page  8 Who has used it? Organisations in the ABPDBTM Accenture (Asia Pac), Accenture (EMEA), Accenture (USA), Aenis, Air France, AirPlus, Alcatel (UK), Alcatel Lucent, Amec, AMP Capital, ANA Airlines, Apple Computer, Ariba, Arriva, Associated Business Leaders LLC, AstraZeneca, AT+T, Atos Origin, Avaya, Avis, AXA, Bank of America, BASF, Basilica Consulting, Battelle, Bax Global, Bayer Schering Pharma, BBC Corporation, BCX, BDO Unicon, Bearing Point, Bell Canada, BMI Airlines, BNP Paribas, Boeringer Ingelheim, Borland, BP Oil and Gas, Bristol-Myers Squibb, the British Library, BT, BT Global Services, BT Wholesale, Buckland Austin, Business Objects, Capgemini, Cardinal Health, Carlson Wagonlit, Caterpillar, CGI, Chordiant, Ciber-Novesoft, Cisco, Cognos, Computacenter, Continental Airlines, CSC, Csiper, Delaware, Dell, Deloitte, Delta Airlines, Deutsche Bank, Disney Corporation, Dupont Industries, EBRC, Eli Lilly, EMC, Epiphany, Ericsson, Everis, Exact Software, Excel Logistics, Experian, Exponent, Fontline, Fontworkx, Fujitsu Communications, Fujitsu Consulting, Fujitsu Services, Fujitsu Siemens, GE Capital Finance, Genesys, Genset, GlaxoSmithKline, GSK (Healthcare), GSK (Pharma), Hitachi Consulting, HP (UK), HP (USA), i2 Technologies, IBM (Asia Pac), IBM (India), IBM (UK), IBM (USA), IBM Global Services (NE IOT), IBM Global Services (USA), IBS, IDS Sheer, Imbercal, Imperial Tobacco, Infor, Intel, Intentia, ITS, Japan Corporate Bank, Kalamazoo, Kana, Keane, KLM Airlines, KLM Cargo, KPMG, Kuehne & Nagle, Lawson, Lenovo, Logica, LTSB, Lufthansa, Marks and Spencer, McAfee, Merck, Micro Focus, Microsoft (CS), Microsoft (EPG), Mitie, Motorola, MSG, NEC Computers, nFocus, Nokia, Nordea, Nortel, Northwest Airlines, Norwich Union Life, O2 Telefonica, Omax Auto, Omega Signs, Oracle, Peregrine, Pfizer, PLM, RBS, RCC, Reckitt Benckiser, Rider Levitt Bucknall, Rifcon, Roiter Zucker, Rolls Royce, SAP (EMEA), SAP (Global), SAP (UK), SAS Institute, Satyam, Scottish Widows, Serco, Siebel, Siemens AG, Siemens Business Services, Siemens Enterprise Networks, Siemens Comms, Siemens GmbH, Singapore Airlines, Skyteam, Sprint, SSA, Staffware, Star Alliance, Starbucks, StorageTek, T Mobile, Tata Communications, Tata Consulting Services (TCS), TDG Logistics, Telmex (mexico), Telus (Canada), TNT Express, Tubelines, UBS, uLogistics, Unipart Logistics, Unisys, United Airlines, Verizon, Vodafone, Wipro, Withy King, Xerox, Xerox Services, Zurich Financial Services ABP has worked with over 300 of the worlds best partnering organisations
  9. 9. Page  9 Who has used it? (II) ABPDTM By Sector  The largest sector is High Tech  The breakdown of the High Tech sector is:  Hardware  Software  Services  Telecoms High Tech companies comprise the majority of entries
  10. 10. Page  10 What do they say about it? There are multiple client ‘proof points’ available “We have been able to assess accurately our capabilities as matched against a world class database. This has allowed us to be realistic in our growth ambitions and also to avoid making the common mistakes made by others in our situation, thus saving a considerable amount of time and money.” Patrick Nicolet SVP Alliances, Capgemini “We have accelerated our understanding of the gaps in our knowledge and processes through the initial diagnostic. This has enabled us to remedy those gaps much more quickly than would otherwise have been possible.” Lucy Dimes Head of Strategic Partnerships, BT “It has been established that ABP has saved us over 3 man year’s effort by giving us already developed templates, tools and methodologies on which to build our thinking.” Steve Bridge SVP Alliances EMEA, SAP “ABP has allowed us access to pragmatic evidence of best practice which has been crucial in developing the strategic presentations that have guided our development thinking. Knowing the actions, trends, and intentions of our competitors and alliance partners has allowed us to position our alliance strategies to best effect with minimal effort. Jay Ennesser VP Cross Sector Alliances, IBM” “The ABP research has allowed us to differentiate our alliance strategy to best effect making us an attractive partner to our key collaborators (Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, and HP).” Jean Michel Fournier VP Global Alliances Unisys
  11. 11. Page  11 Client Partner Scope Baseline Increase Capgemini IBM Netherlands $19m 270% Unisys EMC EMEA $3m 180% Capgemini Microsoft Global Undisclosed 340% Oracle IBM Germany €6m 400% Cognos IBM EMEA $4m - $14m 350% Oracle IBM Germany €6m - €23m 380% BT 8 Partners EMEA £150m - £480m 320% Micro Focus Accenture EMEA £3.5 - £17m 486% Siemens AG PwC Germany €4m - €16.2 405% APC IBM North America $3m – $8m 266% What results does it produce? A sample of High Tech results from the database
  12. 12. How can I get further details? Mike Nevin – Managing Director O: +44 (0)1675 442490 M: +44 (0)7766 752350 E: