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R ten company profile


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R ten company profile

  1. 1. R-TENWaterAndenergyInnovativeSolutionsLimited2013CompanyProfileWe focus on niche brands working on the latest design solutions, newtechnologies and innovative products for indoor and outdoor use. Our mission isto provide the best and bring a unique and exclusive touch to your concept. Theoffice is based in Abu Dhabi and covers the entire MENA region. We alsoprovide full logistic services to bring a peace of mind business partnership. R-TEN supplies various industries: - Design Industry, working hand to hand witharchitects & designers, landscape specialists and contractors - HospitalityIndustry, offering practical products for daily use and cost saving solutions -Procurement Industry, ensuring smart and efficient services to compete and helpcreate a bridge to final clients We have achieved a reputation of delivering highquality, innovative products and solutions with a dedicated team to provide theright follow-up to our client needs. Our aim is to establish a reliable and long-lasting partnership.R-TEN Water And Energy InnovativeSolutions LimitedWS 01, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, UAE+971505765073+97126985005
  3. 3. F r i d a y , A p r i l 0 5 , 2 0 1 3 P a g e | 2JOGGING TRACK LIGHT2013Low Cost Integrated Solar Street and Jogginglight (20W)Solar street lights have been available for quite a timenow, having originally been designed for use in lessdeveloped or isolated areas, or perhaps places wherethe electricity supply has been disrupted by man-madeor natural disasters. The technology guiding the use ofsolar energy has progressed significantly to enableprojects to be feasible throughout the world. Thesituation now is that street lights powered by solarenergy can be simply and rapidly installed, giving thepotential of many years of trustworthy use, with aminimum of maintenance required.In these times of heightened environmental awareness,electric street lighting is rightly regarded as anenormous consumer of electricity, at a vast financialand environmental cost. However, because of the roadsafety and security benefits which result from a goodstreet lighting system, authorities everywhere are keento implement cost-effective and environmentallyfriendly lights. Solar street lights can deliver thatmuch-desired outcome and offer an exceptionallighting program whilst, at the same time, producingconsiderable economic and environmental savings.However, it must be stressed that although solar streetlighting, in a well-designed network, can bringsignificant benefits, it is imperative that those lightswhich are chosen are completely appropriate for thespecific environment and implementation. It is notpossible to buy one size fits all or straight from theshelf solar street lights systems as you might do for,perhaps, solar garden or yard lights. Carefulconsideration has to be given, for example, to the kindof solar panels to be employed; the batteries; thelamps or LEDs - Light Emitting Diodes; and the kindof electronic circuitry to be utilized in the solarcharger controller and the back up system, needed fordays when the sun doesnt shine!The most recent developments with regard to thetechnology behind solar street lighting have been inconnection with LEDs. Firstly, these consume farless power than the older type of conventionalsodium lamp. In addition, they have a much longerworking life, better color definition and requiresmaller solar components than sodium lamps. It canbe appreciated, therefore, that, in order for solarstreet lights technology to be efficient and cost-effective, a thorough and meticulous assessment hasto be carried out, paying the utmost regard toinformation concerning solar radiation, the amountof sunshine prevalent and general climaticconditions in the relevant area.This needs to be done hand-in-hand with a carefulconsideration of the exact requirements of the streetlighting system. In other words, the number of hoursof illumination required on a daily basis and otherimportant data has to be precisely determined inorder to provide the client with the system that willmeet all those criteria. If these items are all properlyassessed, then we are able to provide an efficient,reliable, economically sound, purpose-built solarstreet lighting network.Benefits of Solar Street Lights.1) The day to day running and maintenance costs areslashed2) There is a positive environmental impact asopposed to a negative one3) The lack of wiring to be installed minimizes thedisruption caused to, for example, road users duringinstallation4) Power outages have no impact whatsoever onstreet lighting in the area5)Solar street lights can be easily erected in almostR-TEN WATER AND ENERGYINNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS LIMITED
  4. 4. F r i d a y , A p r i l 0 5 , 2 0 1 3 P a g e | 3Standard FeaturesSolar panel:Mono or polycrystalline silicon based solarpanels, with conversion efficiency as high as15 %. The crystalline-silicon panel has analuminum frame and glass on the front,guarantying an excellent protection in theenvironment. The expected lifetime of thesolar panels is 20~25 years.LED fixture:An advanced LED street lighting fixtureemitting brilliant light with excellent colorclarity.LED lamp:Big Beaming Angle(150°),the rectangularlighting shape, without extra lens,Super Bright LED), Low Light decay: only4% after using for10000 hours!.Batteries:High Efficiency, Maintenance-free Lead-Acid Battery, waterproof with NanoTechnology, specialized for our SolarStreet Light.It can be buried underground directlywithout any protection.Digital Driver+ Controller:Driver+Controller:functions, such as, Anti-Over-charge, Overdischarge,with Light Sensor & Timer, including theDigitalLED Driver to drive the LED lighting,R-TEN WATER AND ENERGY INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONSLIMITEDTYPICAL LAYOUT OFLIGHTS WITH SOLARPANELSPlace Photo Here,Otherwise Delete Box
  5. 5. F r i d a y , A p r i l 0 5 , 2 0 1 3 P a g e | 4There is abundant fresh water in the air according tothe test.Each cube air has 5qram fresh water when therelative humidity is 50%.It can’t be used up and can fullysatisfy people’s request of drinking water.The technology of taking out water from the air is usedfor dealing with the drinking water problems of someplaces where are short of fresh water or in waterpollution•Microcomputer board control•Electronic sensorlike: UV light, heating apparatus sensors, humidity sensors and ice water sensors•Energy conservationThe electronic sensors is installed in water tank to save electric power. The unit will stopproducing water automatically when the sensor induces the water tank is full, and willstop heating and refrigeration when the hot or cold water reaches the set temperature•Safty control system and easy to use1.Child safety lock2.Water leakage detector: when leakage, it will cut off the power automatically3.Condensing coil: the spray finishing of food grade to prevent metallic pollution andimprove the working efficiency of water production4.Silver ion filter screen: which can prevent the harmful bacteria, dust, silt andother floaters from entering the machine5.Ultraviolet sterilization treatment6.Ozone germicidal treatment7.Water circulation system: disinfect the storage water periodically and carry out theRO filtration treatment again to ensure the bacteria free water (patent for this)8.Pulley design .The machine is easy to move, you can move it anywhere9.Choose removable filter,more convenient for replacement and maintain•Multistage filtration system: PP+GAC+CTO+RO
  6. 6. F r i d a y , A p r i l 0 5 , 2 0 1 3 P a g e | 5Model KZ-38RRated Heating Power 500WRated Cooling Power 300WAir water making power 280WVoltage/Frequency 220-240V/50HzWorking temperature 15-40℃Working humidity RH40%-95%Water storage capacity 12.5LCooling capacity 6-10℃Heating capacity 88-92℃Water inlet pressure 0.1-0.6MPaPump Dengyuan /E-chanCompressor R410a 500g 750WPacking size (mm) 420*420*1110mmProduction capacity 38L/D
  7. 7. F r i d a y , A p r i l 0 5 , 2 0 1 3 P a g e | 6
  8. 8. F r i d a y , A p r i l 0 5 , 2 0 1 3 P a g e | 72013Funky advantages of the European designSmart & Green.Smart & Green is not only about ambience. Low power consumption of the light fixtures with more efficient useof energy, plus the charging station that turns off automatically when charging is complete or when nothing isconnected to it. Beyond the energy savings and cordless convenience, these lighting diffusers are virtually 100%recyclable. There are various shapes available adding the functionality aspect plus the polyethylene brings strongresistance to impact and the products are designed to stand up to extreme conditions.cordless lighting waterproof, can be used in a pool long lasting and highly durable remote controlledItems Our Solar LED streetlightsLED Luminous Effect-LED130-140 Lm/WLED Lighting Shape-LEDRectangular withoutextra lens-Lighting Angle 60*150 degrees-150°,LED lamp life 12 years-Controller Basic functions+ Saveanother 80% powerBattery Waterproof with NanotechnologyBattery Installation Buried underintergeliosolCORDLESS LED TOWERThis innovative product is a cordless lightingbased on LED Technology.Funky cordless lighting for hospitalityCreate ambience with funky Smart & Greenproducts, the lighting technology that meets thefull range of lighting needs, from ambiancelighting to task lighting. Regardless of theapplication – hotel swimming pools, bars,restaurants, landscapes or residential property –users can fine-tune their lighting from virtuallyanywhere. The cordless Smart & Green lampscommunicate with each other and can be used toilluminate a space as well as, furnishings andarchitectural elements. The hospitality sector hasalready recognized the potential of cordlesslighting in UAE, brands like IntercontinentalFestival City, Rotana group, Grand Hyatt, One& Only Jetty Bar and St Régis Abu Dhabi just toname the few.
  9. 9. F r i d a y , A p r i l 0 5 , 2 0 1 3 P a g e | 8R-TEN WATER AND ENERGYINNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS LIMITEDWS 01, MASDAR CITY, ABU DHABI, UAE • PHONE 971505765073 • FAX 97126985005SALES@R-TEN.COM • WWW.R-TEN.COM