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An Open Scientific Future


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A presentation on open science as part of the Ask Later talks at Ignite Seattle Two. The talk was 5 minutes with 15 second slide transitions and quite a blast.

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An Open Scientific Future

  1. 1. Deepak Singh An Open Scientific Future
  2. 2. South Korea's Hwang Woo-suk is the king of cloning – USA Today All Hwang human cloning work fraudulent – The Scientist
  3. 3. Picture: Esther Dyson
  4. 4. Picture: Nikolay
  5. 5. Conversation Transparency Data sharing
  6. 7. Picture: Subharghya Das
  7. 8. Access to data Access to information Science for all, not just a few
  8. 9. “ Web 2.0” Mashup Blog Wiki Crowdsourcing Semantic Web Search Virtual Communities
  9. 10. Effective search depends on reservoirs of tacit knowledge and unconscious skill. Some people possess much deeper reservoirs, and/or can tap into them more effectively, than others. That makes them valuable. – Jon Udell
  10. 19. Knowledge-based Decision Support Semantic Web Metadata Standards
  11. 20. Open Access Open Data Open Source Open Standards Open Licensing + + + + = Open Science