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  • (Timing 25:00-27:00 mins.) This is a free tool for students and teachers. As with many other tools, certain options within the application are inaccessible unless you have a paid account. This is not problem though as there are plenty of free avatars to choose from. Anyone can add their voice to their Voki avatar. The Voki can be put on websites, blogs, or profile. This would be a creative way for students to introduce themselves to classmates at the beginning of the year. Creating a blog in English class would be a great way to discuss books, important assignments, and post a “Welcome” message that was created using Voki. This is the site( click on screen shot).
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  • (Timing 34:00-35:00 mins.) This QR code that I created could be used in the library. This code links students to a review that has been made by another student, staff, or parent. Having book recommendations at your fingertips would certainly broaden the selection process for occasional reader all the way up to students that devour books on a daily basis. One limitation to using this tool is that you need a QR scanner. The app is free, but a device like an iTouch, iPad, or iPhone is needed to scan and view the content of the what is embedded in the code. ( Click and Play the video for only a minute)
  • (Timing 35:00-37:00 mins.) If you can take pictures, upload them, speak, and then add music, you have just made your first Videolicious video. It really is that simple. One specific requirement is that you have an iPad available to use the app for the least amount of production issues. The free app is only for one minute, but as far as I am concerned, it is a great introduction on how to use an audio/visual tool. This wonderful tool would be a great tool to use in Statistics. Standard AII.12 states that the student will compute and distinguish between permutations and combinations and use technology for applications. 1-Math students could check out flip cameras or take picture of index cards that explain the difference between permutations and combinations. 2-This would also be a great tool for guidance counselors to use for ESL students that are new to the high school. The students could watch a series of short virtual tools in their native language and or any other short videos about policies and procedures.
  • Tools for presentations

    1. 1. Tools That Make You Go Hmmmm!
    2. 2. Visual Tools Word CloudsVisual Creative Powerful - -
    3. 3. TAGXEDO for Economics • Economics and Personal Finance • EPF. 1d Identifying factors of production-
    4. 4. Tagxedo forEarthScienceStorms • What does thunder sound like? • What does lightening look like?
    5. 5. Visual Tools Bighugelabs -
    6. 6. Infographics Retrieved July 4, 2013
    7. 7. Piktochart Education for Employment Level III/IV Analyzes the value of employment.
    8. 8. Other Piktochart Uses Math-Calculus terms SC Calculus II A Infographic July 30, 2013
    9. 9. Smore Graphics Introduction to Marketing8110.045 Smore created on July 29, 2013 at
    10. 10. Audio Tools Aides Visually Impaired Assists Group Collaborations Assists Hearing Impaired
    11. 11. Vocaroo • -
    12. 12. Voki -
    13. 13. My Voki I created this Voki on my website for class to welcome everyone to my library. home -
    14. 14. QR Codes • • • • Stores large amount of information Easy to use Versatile Portable
    15. 15. Library Use Book Chats Book Reviews Book Trailers 0OPY
    16. 16. QR Marketing Vogue Magazine homepage http://www.vogue .com/ retrieved July 29, 2013
    17. 17. Videolicious
    18. 18. Tools That Make You Go “Hmmm!” Tagxedo Wordle Bighugelabs Piktochart Vocaroo QR Codes Smore Voki Videolicious