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Working with Trade Allies to Enhance Energy Efficiency Programs


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Working with Trade Allies to Enhance Energy Efficiency Programs

  1. 1. Working with Trade Allies to Enhance Energy Efficiency Programs CenterPoint Energy Todd Berreman Manager, CIP Implementation 1
  2. 2. About CenterPoint Energy • The third-largest publicly traded natural gas delivery company in the U.S. • Over 3.2 million natural gas customers in six states • Natural Gas Energy Efficiency programs in 3 states. (AR, MN, OK) • Working with trade allies since 1992 in MN. • Developing trade ally networks in AR & OK.
  3. 3. Trade AllyPartnersResidential• HVAC Dealers and Distributors• Plumbers• Hearth Dealers & Distributors• Insulation ContractorsCommercial• Mechanical Contractors & Distributors• Architects & Engineers• Foodservice Dealers, Distributors• Manufacturer Representatives
  4. 4. Trade AllyImpact• More than 90% of CenterPoint Energy’s residential rebates were submitted by trade allies in 2011!• Trade allies contributed more than 230,000 Dth’s of savings to residential CIP results!• CenterPoint Energy finished #1 in J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey among large Midwest utilities in 2011.
  5. 5. Trade Allies“The Value of CIP”• Increase profits by using rebates as a sales tool. Upsell to higher efficiency equipment by promoting CIP rebates.• Differentiate yourself from the competition. List rebates as a line item discount on all proposals.
  6. 6. Trade Allies“The Value of CIP”• Increase customer satisfaction Offering $$ saving programs will increase customer satisfaction.• Trade Ally incentives available from select utilities $50 trade ally incentive per furnace and $15 per water heater for CNP trade allies. Various incentives available for commercial installations.
  7. 7. Energy Efficiency2010-2012 CIP Triennial Plan- ResidentialOfferings• Heating System Rebates, including Programmable Thermostats• Water Heater Rebates• Fireplace Rebates• Air Sealing & Insulation Rebates• FREE Low Flow Showerheads and Faucet Aerators• Home Energy Audits• Home Energy Squad• Home Energy Reports• Low Income Weatherization• Non-Profit Affordable Housing 7
  8. 8. Energy Efficiency2010-2012 CIP Triennial Plan- Commercial /Industrial Offerings• Boiler System Rebates• Boiler Tune-up Rebates• Boiler System Components Rebates• Forced-air Furnace Rebates• Unit Heater Rebates• Infrared Heater Rebates• Foodservice Rebates• Engineering Assistance• LEED Certification• Industrial Audits• Custom Energy Analysis• Custom Process Rebate – Very large projects; almost half of C/I energy savings. 8
  9. 9. 2012 Commercial Rebate Programs and ServicesSchool District Rebate Example Project scope • Construction of new elementary school • Extensive renovation of existing facilities • Energy efficient design and equipment key consideration • Extensive HVAC upgrades needed to meet efficiency objective • Rebates for energy efficient technologies influenced equipment selection 7
  10. 10. 2012 Commercial Rebate Programs and ServicesSchool District Equipment Rebate Results Equipment Rebate Amount High efficiency water heaters (3) $ 2,000 High efficiency boilers >88% (3) $ 10,050 Convection ovens (6) $ 3,000 Boiler tune-ups (1) $ 4,725 Steam trap repair/replacements (386) $ 3,821 Custom project (high efficiency windows) $ 5,204 ------------ Total Rebate Amount: $ 28,800 Annual Cost Savings: $ 167,472 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Estimated Dekatherm savings: 27,912 Dth, which is the equivalent of what 310 residential homes use in 1 year. 8
  11. 11. 2012 Commercial Rebate Programs and ServicesCustom Rebates Commercial Energy Recovery A customer put an addition on to their commercial facility. The additional square footage required a new air handler to be added to the building. The customer had the option to add an energy recovery wheel to the new air handler. Heat Recovery Option Cost $26,000 Annual Energy Savings 1,100 Dth CenterPoint Energy Rebate $3,300 Annual Cost Savings* $6,600 Payback (with rebate) ~3.4 years * Calculations using $6.00 / Dth cost of gas. 11
  12. 12. 2012 Residential Rebate Programs and ServicesHigh Efficiency Furnace Comparison Natural Gas Furnace Comparison Single Family Home in Twin Cities Natural Gas Natural Gas Furnace Furnace Furnace Efficiency: % AFUE 80% 96% Annual input in Therm (CCF) 750 625 Annual Heating Energy Required (output in Btu) 60,000,000 60,000,000 Gas in $/CCF ($/Therm) $0.70 $0.70 Annual Heating Cost $525 $438 Operating Cost Saving with High Efficiency Gas $88 Furnace Total Savings / Equipment Life (20 yrs) $1,750 Rebate from Utility $400 12
  13. 13. Dealer resourcesOnline ResourcesVisit• Program information• Fill and print rebate forms• Online calculators• Links to MN Mechanical Code information• And more!
  14. 14. Commercial Trade Ally Contact informationMechanical Contractors:Tom MarthalerCommercial Trade Ally Representative(612) 321-4492 or toll free (800) 234-5800 ext.4492Tom.Marthaler@CenterPointEnergy.comDavid PorettiTrade Ally Representative(612) 321-4386 or toll free (800) 234-5800 ext. 24
  15. 15. Contact Infomation Todd Berreman CenterPoint Energy Manager, CIP Implementation (612) 321-4311 15
  16. 16. Questions? 16