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There's an App for That! - Shen


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presented at the 2011 NESEA Building Energy 11 Conference

Published in: Technology, Education
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There's an App for That! - Shen

  1. 1. There’s  an  App  for  That!   Lester  S.  Shen,  Ph.D.   Director  of  Innova:ve  Technologies                          Center for Energy and Environment March  10,  2011  
  2. 2.  NESEA  is  a  Registered  Provider  with  The  American   Ins9tute  of  Architects  Con9nuing  Educa9on  Systems.   Credit  earned  on  comple9on  of  this  program  will  be   reported  to  CES  Records  for  AIA  members.  Cer9ficates   of  Comple9on  for  non-­‐AIA  members  are  available  on   request.  This  program  is  registered  with  the  AIA/CES  for  con:nuing  professional  educa:on.  As  such,  it  does  not  include  content  that  may  be  deemed  or  construed  to  be  an  approval  or  endorsement  by  the  AIA  of  any  material  of  construc:on  or  any  method  or  manner  of  handling,  using,  distribu:ng,  or  dealing  in  any  material  or  product.  Ques:ons  related  to  specific  materials,  methods,  and  services  will  be  addressed  at  the  conclusion  of  this  presenta:on.  
  3. 3. Learning  Objec:ves    At  the  end  of  this  program,  par:cipants  will  be  able  to:     •     understand  how  smartphones  can  be  a  useful  field   tool  for  auditors  and  inspectors,  and   •     iden:fy  currently  available  off  the  shelf  iPhone   apps.  
  4. 4. QR  Codes  Content  types:   URL   Text   Phone  Number   SMS  hTp://  
  5. 5. Thank  you  for  your  :me!  QUESTIONS??    This  concludes  The  American  Ins:tute  of  Architects  Con:nuing  Educa:on  Systems  Program   Lester  S.  Shen   612-­‐335-­‐5883  Center for Energyand Environment