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Short Scan of Natural Gas Technologies in New Buildings in France


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Short Scan of Natural Gas Technologies in New Buildings in France

  1. 1. Short scan of natural gas technologies in new buildings in France
  2. 2. 3 major trends  More energy efficient natural gas technologies Source Vergne Innovation Source Sanyo  Hybrid technologies: different energy sources to cover several energy needs  Decentralized power generation technologyPage 2 Source De Dietrich = maybe good for US homes
  3. 3. More energy efficient natural gas technologies Natural gas engine heat pumps Outdoor Indoor20-80 kWheat and 20-70kWcoldRated COP up to 1.44 HHV and EER= 4.3 HHV (A/A version)Hot water production up to 130 F Source: GrDF and Xpair Source Sanyo – Gas driven VRFEngine maintenance every 10,000 hoursAisin-Toyota, Sanyo, Panasonic products, … A/A and A/W Multi-family and commercial buildings Barriers/future developments: High space heating and air conditioning needs • unknown because not a tried andPage 3+ low domestic hot water needs tested technology
  4. 4. More energy efficient natural gas technologies Natural gas absorption heat pumps Aerothermal Geothermal Outdoor version A/W version W/W Indoor Rated COP: 1.49 HHV 1.53 HHV EER = 2.15 42 kWheat and 17kWcold Hot water production temperature up to 150 F Multi-family and commercial buildings Simple maintenance (very few mobile parts) High space heating and domestic hot Barriers/future developments: water needs + low air conditioning needs • scale it down it for single-family homes • in Europe, only one manufacturer to-datePage 4 (Robur - Italy)
  5. 5. More energy efficient natural gas technologies High modulation boiler  Condensing boiler with high turn-down ratio  Thermal power can go from 0.9-1 to 9-10 kWheat (Bosch) or from 0.8 to 12 kWth (Vergne Innovation)  only 2 products  Reduced start/stop cycles  a solution for single new residential buildings with low space heating needs  Low thermal power  no instantaneous hot water production  produce hot water with water storage tank  could be interesting to combine it with a solar water heater Barriers/future developments: • in development and to be tested • not on the market yet: 2013?  a technology to keep in mind for energy efficient buildingsPage 5
  6. 6. Hybrid technologies Electric heat pump added to a condensing boiler • Heat pump A/W: P<3kWth  will cover base load space heating needs and air conditioning needs. • Condensing boiler: 24/30 kWth to cover winter space heating peaks and hot water production. Works like a back up energy and technology. Choose which system works through control device according to the yield or energy price at any time Mono box Single houses or individual space heating system in multi-family buildings Barriers/future developments: • warning: the higher the electric heat pump COP the 2 units less natural gas consumed by the system • control system to switch between the boiler and the HP according to energy prices or yieldPage 6
  7. 7. Hybrid technologies Solar water heater and natural gas condensing boiler  To produce hot water with solar energy. Natural gas used for space heating and as a back up energy for hot water production when there’s no sun! Hot water 50% hot water needs covered on average by solar energy per year Solar panel Back up energy Warm up the water during winter and can cover all hot water needs in summer Control device Single houses or multi-family buildings Pump Cold water Barriers/future developments: 22 sq ft to 43 sq ft of solar panel area (1-2 panels) • size the panel area to cover only 80-85% Hot water storage tank or instantaneous production of the hot water needs of the hottest month to avoid superheating problems. To avoid refrigerant freeze during Winter: 2 solutions: • reduce costs glycol refrigerant or a self drained designPage 7
  8. 8. Electricity generation from NG Natural gas micro-CHP  Condensing boiler for hot water and space heating needs + Stirling engine to produce electricity  Condensing boiler  81% HHV rated yield  2 burners • primary one = 6-8 kWheat • secondary one = 24 kWheat  Stirling engine  Electric power = 1 kW Source De Dietrich Source BAXI  yield ≈ 15% Barriers/future developments: • connect several systems in series (problems Single houses or individual space with the control device) heating in multi-family buildings • reduce costs drastically! • French market in 2013Page 8
  9. 9. ANNEXPage 9
  10. 10. Sources of data Technologies scan: exposes/espace-tertiaire-industrie/pac-a-absorption/ exposes/espace-tertiaire-industrie/pac-moteur-gaz/ exposes/espace-residentiel/chaudiere-hybride/ exposes/espace-residentiel/chauffe-eau-solaire-individuel-optimise/ exposes/espace-residentiel/chaudiere-petite-puissance/ exposes/espace-residentiel/ecogenerateur/ And all the PDF attached to these website directionsPage 10
  11. 11. Source vs site energy Primary energy Production losses Transformation losses Transport losses Site energy Electricity: Other energies (natural gas, wood,…): 1 kWh of site energy = 2.58 kWh of primary energy 1 kWh of site energy = 1 kWh of primary energyPage 11 Source =
  12. 12. Natural gas engine heat pump – A/A version Source SANYO – Gas Driven VRF 12