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Podcasting 101 for Bloggers by Michelle Scheuermann


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Ever wanted to create a podcast for your business but didn’t know where to start? This seminar will cover why podcasting is a significant and viable part of a social media marketing plan for your business and brand. We will discuss how to choose a podcast topic, niching, and the various podcast formats: interview, solo, or co-hosting. The discussion will then move to how to create the podcast. We will share information about podcast artwork, equipment selection, recording, editing, media hosts, and publishing. In conclusion, we will share tips on how to grow the podcast audience, including leveraging the audience of guests, being a guest on other podcasts, and using other social media outlets to promote the show.

Presented at MN Blogger Conference 2016

Published in: Technology
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Podcasting 101 for Bloggers by Michelle Scheuermann

  1. 1. Podcasting 101 for Bloggers: How to Build Your Brand with Your Voice
  2. 2.  Back at the Lodge Podcast  @ladysportman (Twitter & Instagram)  BulletProof Communications, LLC 
  3. 3. Goals & Wins Goal: To evaluate whether you should have a podcast, and whether it will serve your business Takeaways: • Interview style & tips • Level of investment • Tech talk • Process & Editing • Show ideas
  4. 4. What I Listen To…
  5. 5. Why Should YOU Podcast? • People have unclaimed time • Connect with your tribe and let them ‘hear’ you • Authority in subject
  6. 6. What Are Your Intentions? • What is your ultimate goal? • List the first 20 eps of your show (helps to create editorial calendar/Evernote) • Do you have time for this? • What is format? + Guest? Just You? You + Partner(s)?
  7. 7. Interview Tips • Avoid saying “um” “like” – only way to avoid this is practice • Avoid talking about yourself – its about the guest • Have a few q’s on index card – let interview be flexible • LISTEN to guest
  8. 8. Finding Topics • What are your biggest traffic draws on your website? Which post draws the most people? • Browse FAQ sections on your topic • Amazon – read reviews • Customer/client emails • Potential Guests – book authors LOVE podcasts – VPs, CMO’s at major corporations
  9. 9. Types of Episodes • Informational – Give something to improve people’s lives • Interviews – Talk to someone that might enhance understand of the space you serve Podcast itself is almost never the main business
  10. 10. Getting Started • Recording software • Recording hardware • Editing software • RSS Feed • Submit to distribution sites (iTunes etc)
  11. 11. Recording Software & Hardware • iPhone – for reals • Mics – Blue Yeti (Tiki and Snowflake), ElectroVoice 635 (the hammer) Heli Sound PR20, lavaliere mics (SmartLav+), my Zoom mic. – Pop filter and wind guard • Digital recorder: Marantz PMD661 MKII, AvidPro, Garage Band • Skype – Call Recorder for Skype (Ecamm), or Pamela.Biz for Windows.
  12. 12. Editing Software • Garage Band (Mac, recommended) • Avid Pro • Audacity (PC or Mac)
  13. 13. Editing Process • Intro/outro • Theme Music (need copyright free music – BenSound or AudioJungle) • Jingles for bumpers (if you have ads or breaks) • Edit as you see fit – can remove ‘Ums’ or just leave it all in.
  14. 14. RSS Feed/Hosting/Storage • Libsyn - $15/month for 250 mb • Rainmaker • Bluebrry • Will need file storage – use Dropbox
  15. 15. Submitting Podcast • Show name & synopsis • Logo creation – be careful of sizing • Submit to iTunes (for iPhone users) Stitcher (for Android Users) – must have an iTunes Store account and Apple ID. – test your podcast first – validate your podcast – and finally, submit your podcast
  16. 16. Rookie Mistakes • Copying others (John Lee Dumas) • Saying ‘hey everyone’ – address ONE • Going too long – know when to cut • Learn from top-shelf interviewers i.e. Larry King, Oprah, Walters
  17. 17. Monetize Your Podcast • Sponsorships • Sell podcasts (series i.e. meditation) • Affiliate Marketing (ShareaSale.Co) • Charge for Guests • Sell your own stuff!!
  18. 18. Questions?