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  • What do you want? There is an app for thatDoes anyone know how many apps are downloaded per second on apples app store?Well what are applications? Designed to make your life easier
  • Most people don’t associate microsoft office or adobe products as applications.They are software but they are designed to improve productivityHelp you complete your task.
  • Most of you have smartphones or know someone who has a smartphone. Smartphones have the ability to use applicationsBlackberry world – your life. Your apps. Your world.
  • IphoneClosed System – limited to what Apple gives you ex: Adobe Flashmuch more secure because of tight controls on Appsvery fluid but limited (no widgets)Was only AT&T but expanding to Verizon and SprintLonger battery life, but cant change Android Open System – app can be developed officially and unofficially for everythingless due to open system (1 in 5 apps have security holes)more control over widgets or what interface looks like Many choicesLess battery life but changeable
  • Apps

    1. 1. APPS “The app is the new 99-cent single – for kids, it’s the new currency.” -Tim Westergren (Pandora)By: Molly Ford, Jack Chong, Maria Naveira and Tim Godin
    2. 2. What is an App? Software designed to help users perform specific tasks. Many different kinds of apps  Computer Applications  Mobile Applications  Web Applications
    3. 3. Computer Apps  Earliest forms of apps  Designed to improve productivity  Most computer apps are designed to principally deal with documents  Microsoft Office
    4. 4. Mobile Apps Newest form of apps Created for a variety of uses, can include anything from shopping advice to dinner recommendations. Apple App Store, Android App Store, Blackberry World Over 500,000 apps
    5. 5. Web Apps  Middle aged apps  Came about with the Internet age  Designed to help programmers add dynamic elements to user interface₁  Simplify and add productivity 
    6. 6. History First applications were developed for the PC, software applications With the internet came the desire to improve the user experience and thus the creation of web applications Lastly and most recent, the mobile application market. It’s expanding rapidly due to desire for fast smartphones that can keep up with busy lives
    7. 7. Who Makes Apps? Anybody can make an App  All it takes is an idea  What will make your life easier/more fun/ more informed?  Market your idea to a technology hub like Apple ICE CaPS  Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship  Helping to build innovators of the future ICE Challenge for Business Dynamics  Winning group last year  App for testing level of sobriety for texting/calling
    8. 8. Types of Apps  Utilities  Calculator  Calendar  Notes  Photos  News  Weather
    9. 9. Types of Apps Games  Board games  Educational games  Music games Entertainment  Magazines  Quizzes  “Yes Button,” “Whoopie Cushion” and “Carve-a-Pumpkin” Social Networking  Facebook  Twitter  Foursquare
    10. 10. Types of Apps Productivity  Manage bank statements/business (Roambi)  To do lists and planners  Ex: “Find iPhone” and “Trainer” Search Tools  Google (maps, translator, etc)  Currency exchange  Recipes Travel  Travel planners (restaurants, hotels, transport) Sports  Game trackers  Live Updates  News  Trading information
    11. 11. Applications Advantages Disadvantages There is virtually an App  Apps are limited for everything  Some apps are free and Make life easier and some have a higher cost simpler  If the App is May be used as an added faulty, consumers might get software to enhance a a negative perception of the product’s performance and business create a greater satisfaction  Must constantly be Easier for businesses to updating the App market their product or services and make them more accessible
    12. 12. Applications Advantages Disadvantages Used to increase consumer  People feel overwhelmed relationship with the number of Apps Used to make some available decisions more quickly and  Security (information is with more efficiency sometimes shared) Increases social networking  Must create a lot of Brand elevation prototypes and fit the needs Easy to download and of the market in which the quick App will be sold in (Apple, Android, Blackberry) If not satisfied, it is easy to get rid of  Requires a base to be able to download it  Strict design guidelines
    13. 13. iPhone vs Android Apps Closed vs Open System Security User Control (ex: widgets) Carrier Battery
    14. 14. iPhone vs Android Apps Games Social Networking For the Kids Music, Photos, Videos Streaming Music Google Apps vs Apple Apps
    15. 15. In the Business World  Constantly in contact  Email, Calendar, Contacts  Apps for every part of business  DrChrono  Swipe Credit Card Terminal  Trialpad  MyChair  Doesn’t exist? Make it!
    16. 16. Resources history-of-apps/# different-types-of-iphone-and-ipad-applications/ ive_points_of_difference that-are-changing- business_n_928663.html#s331569&title=9_PDF_Reader
    17. 17. Picture Resources 2007.jpg 4x2.JPG