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A few key questions around IT today (lang: es_ES)


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A very short presentation supporting many messages not written in the slides and sharing a few key questions to answer today (2014):

Q1: how do we react from IT to our (internal) customers demands?
A1: Usually we say it's too complex, it takes time & money... Let's try to say 'yes' and the make it happen!

Q2: Do we need to design apps to fail?
A2: It's not a matter of need vs no need; the main challenge is how to deal with new apps (potentially designed to fail) with all those legacy apps we still have to deal with.

Q3: Do I really need to choose pets or cattle?
A3:Both are usuallly needed, although cattle is growing up and makes more sense as of today... but working with cattle doesn't mean at all that you don't need to take care of it.

Q4: Why am I not like the internet players?
A4:Because you're not. Think of what you are and what you deal with, and learn from internet players. Just don't imitate nor replicate because your reality doesnt' work like this.

Q5: Which service delivery model should I deploy?
A5: I love the idea of service broker. Plan for it.

Q6: Does it pay off?
A6: Yes. See the slides and take a look at what other companies are already enjoying.

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A few key questions around IT today (lang: es_ES)

  1. 1. © 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. Algunas preguntas clave sobre evolución TI Moisés Navarro 25 de junio de 2014 @mnavarro_mnm
  2. 2. ¿Qué pasa cuando el usuario llama a nuestra puerta? 2
  3. 3. ¿Es ‘cloud’ la solución? Ir más allá de la máquina virtual 3 ¿ ?
  4. 4. Oooohhhh, esa caliente discusión sobre ‘mascotas vs ganado’ 4
  5. 5. ¡Quiero ser como las ‘empresas de internet’! 5 Custom Application Internet Data Centers Custom Platform Any x86 Any Storage Any IP network Software / Hardware Abstraction Software / Hardware Abstraction la importancia* de ‘Any’ el impacto de ‘DIY’ Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) Any Application SDDC Platform Any x86 Any Storage Any IP network Cloud Automation EFICIENCIA FIABILIDAD SOSTENIBILIDAD PREDECIBILIDAD FLEXIBILIDAD AGILIDAD INTEROPERABILIDAD (*) Gartner: “$3.8 trillion will be spent on IT in 2014 for supporting traditional enterprise applications”
  6. 6. Aspiremos a ser versátiles, ágiles, fiables, eficientes… (ITaaS) 6 Usuarios Entorno multi-cloud Orquestación de las peticiones de los usuarios Catálogo de Servicios TI
  7. 7. El camino hacia ITaaS 7 Fuente: IT Evolution: Today and Tomorrow - Insights from the VMware 2013 Journey to IT as a Service Survey. August 2013 Phase II Business Partner Phase III Service Broker Phase I Cost Center CapEx Savings through Consolidation IT Production QoS and Reliability through Automation Business Production OpEx and Agility through IT as a Service ITaaS +31% Consecución de SLAs +35% Reducción nº de incidentes +37% Mejora disponibilidad aplicaciones críticas +50% Mejora tiempo creación y despliegue de nuevas aplicaciones y servicios +30% Nº de nuevas iniciativas de negocio acometidas +23% Ahorro medio en el presupuesto TI
  8. 8. ¡Gracias!