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Assignment #1


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Roof Types & Terms

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Assignment #1

  1. 1. Assignment #1 Complete the multiple choice Questions And email your responses to me e.g. 1.d, 2.c, 3.a,………
  2. 2. Select the most appropriate answer. 1. What type of roof has the fewest number of different sized members? a. Gable b. Hip c. Gambrel d. mansard 2. What is the term used to represent horizontal distance under a rafter? a. Run b. Span c. line length d. pitch 3. What type of rafter runs from a valley rafter to the ridge? a. hip jack b. valley jack c. Valley d. cripple jack 4. What type of rafter runs from the wall plate perpendicularly to the ridge? a. hip b. valley c. common d. hip jack
  3. 3. 5. What is the recommended minimum “stand” of the common rafter relative to the heel plumb cut line of the rafter? a. one-quarter b. one-half c. two-thirds d. three-quarters 6. To what is the jack rafter most similar? a. common rafter b. hip rafter c. valley rafter d. gable end stud 7. To what type of roof is the top portion of the mansard roof similar? a. Gable roof b. Gambrel roof c. Hip roof d. Butterfly roof 8. In order to calculate the length of any rafter in a roof of specified slope, what must first be determined? a. total run b. unit rise c. unit run d. ridgeboard length
  4. 4. Label each roof by number and return your answers by email.