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Did you know that by 2013 travel bookings via mobile devices are expected to reach $8 billion? That there are nearly 130,000 travels apps in the Apple App Store? Or that 40% of travelers post restaurant reviews when they return from a trip? In this month’s FLTR, MBLM details these trends and more, demonstrating how the travel experience is being redefined and how social media is creating a new travel paradigm.

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  1. 1. TRAVEL
  2. 2. FLTRTRAVEL PLANNING APPING BOASTINGTravel, like many industries This document We’ve divided FLTR outlines MBLM’s by the way we travel:today, has been transformed FLTR on Travel, and Planning, which now what we’ve observed, seems centered onby technology. The travel investigated and convenience andpsyche is now different, with a detailed in this always- access; During a Trip, evolving industry. seemingly aboutself-empowered focus and a enablement; and Post-desire to share. Travel agents Trip, which has become about sharing andhave largely been replaced, fulfillment. travel books generally madeobsolete. How we share our  experiences is now redefined.FLTRTRAVEL | 2
  3. 3. PLANNING GOES MOBILE MLANNING (M-LAN-ING), NOUN THE ACT OR PROCESS OF USING MOBILE TOOLS TO PLAN AND/OR BOOK TRAVEL B O O K T R AV E L H E R E ! 36 USE AM ER IC SMARTPHONES AN S TO RESEARCH TRAVEL, AND THAT NUMBER WILL DOUBLE MILLION BY 2016. 1Mobile use was responsible for US Google projects that in 2012 8 percent According to a Nielsen study of Nearly a quarter of all U.S. hotels$2.6 billion in travel booking value of mobile users will be booking travel U.S. travelers, today 40 percent of now offer mobile apps, accordingin 2011. That number is projected to from their smartphones. 3 guests book a room using their to a survey by the American Hotelexceed $8 billion by 2013. 2 mobile devices after performing a & Lodging Association. 5 mobile search. 4FLTRTRAVEL | 3
  4. 4. PLANNING The following observations demonstrate different trends impacting travel planning: the frustration caused by airline pricing, the need for customer reviews and the desire for the different.Nickel-and-Diming Transparency NicheAirlines have angered many by reducing or removing services. Hotels are starting to include customer ratings and reviews on Travelers are looking to visit exotic and unusual destinationsNow blankets, snacks, luggage (even carry-ons), seat their own websites. This has been dictated by recent studies they haven’t already visited. Notes Mary Ann Ramsey,assignments and reservations can be subject to additional suggesting that reviews are imperative. Forrester found that president of Betty MacLean Travel, “Small and exotic are thecharges. There are threats of additional charges for families nearly 50 percent of consumers would not book a hotel that lifeblood of the industry.” In addition, “voluntourism” is onsitting together or for selecting window or aisle seats. doesn’t have online reviews. PhoCusWright noted that people the rise, where tourists combine travel and volunteering.Ryanair once proposed pay toilets on its planes. 6, 7 who read online hotel reviews are 59 percent more likely to G Adventures in Toronto, Canada, has doubled its number book. Starwood and Marriott Insider both post reviews on of voluntourism trips in the past year. 9, 10, 11, 12 their websites, and Wyndham Rewards provides a stream of recent TripAdvisor reviews. 8FLTRTRAVEL | 4
  5. 5. APPING DURING A TRIP TOP FIVE USES OF APPS WHILE TRAVELING: PHOTOS, MAPS, SEARCH, RESTAURANTS, SEARCH ACTIVITIES, CHECK INTO FLIGHT APPLIFICATION (AP-PLUH-FI-KAY-SHUHN), NOUN THE ACT OR STATE OF BEING APPLIFIED; THE INCREASED OR EXPANDED USE OF APPS WHILE TRAVELINGThere are approximately 130,000 When considering all apps downloaded, Across all travel apps and websites Three of four active travelers usetravel apps in the Apple App Store. 13 12 percent of people have downloaded in June 2012, U.S. Android and iOS their mobile device and apps while an app related to travel. 14 users spent 95 percent of their on the move. 16 time in apps versus 5 percent on the Mobile Web. 15FLTRTRAVEL | 5
  6. 6. APPING From increasing spending and being left alone to switching travel experiences, travelers are being catered to with more luxury shopping, more technological advancements and more innovative hotel options.Hey, Big Spender Leave Me Alone ... Game ChangersA 2012 study reports that global luxury sales in airport New, innovative technology is expediting the airport Onefinestay, a start-up, describes itself as “the world’s firstduty-free stores will grow 25 percent in the next two experience—and helping other people avoid people and unhotel.” The “Zip Car of hotels” allows people who areyears, reaching $44.5 billion. According to recent surveys, delays. At Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport, a new going out of town to rent their home to travelers. It has beenpassengers are often in a different mind-set when they terminal features 150 kiosks and 14 gates equipped with launched in London and will be launched in NY later this year.travel: more open to discovery, self-indulgence and gifting. self-tagging and self-boarding technology for the carriers Similarly, Freehand, a high-end hostel developed by the SydellAs a result, they are more demanding and expect a genuine operating there. 18 Group (owners of the Ace Hotel and NoMad Hotel), is aiming toshopping experience. 17 offer guests conversations and friendships with each other. 19, 20FLTRTRAVEL | 6
  7. 7. BOASTING AFTER A TRIP SMOASTING (SMOHST-ING), VERB TO BOAST OR BRAG VIA SOCIAL MEDIA21 SHARE RESTAURANT REVIEW VACAT I O N R E V I E WS THE TRAVELER CRITIQUE RAVE LIKE46 percent of travelers post hotel 40 percent of travelers post 40 percent of travelers post 55 percent “liked” Facebook pagesreviews after a trip. 22 activity/attraction reviews. 23 restaurant reviews. 24 to a specific destination. 25FLTRTRAVEL | 7
  8. 8. BOASTING Twitter and Facebook are providing effective outlets for customer complaints, forcing travel brands to rethink how they behave. For the jaded traveler, virtual reality and outer space are becoming new ways to explore new adventures.Social Venting If You Can’t Take It, Fake It The Final FrontierOnce seemingly bureaucratic labyrinths, airlines have become Virtual reality apps are becoming more commonplace, Just back home and looking for your next adventure? Timeremarkably accessible, thanks to social media, especially in enabling travelers to visit destinations virtually. The Mexico to consider a journey beyond. Virgin Galactic may bethe real-time world of Twitter. Passengers are slamming social Tourism Board recently created an augmented reality operating as soon as next year, just one among several firmsmedia sites with complaints about air travel experiences. This postcard. Lonely Planet offers Compass City Guides on vying to take jaded travelers or thrill seekers to the upperraises questions about whether service has really changed or Android screens, complete with GPS-enabled maps and reaches of the atmosphere—and beyond. Options range frompassengers simply have more outlets for venting. augmented camera reality views. 26, 27 a few moments of weightless delight (most for six figures) to weekslong Apollo mission-style adventures. 28FLTRTRAVEL | 8
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