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Public health & comm

  1. 1. E mail
  2. 2. Health PhysicalComplete Mental & Social well being & not merely the absence of disease.
  3. 3. Health
  4. 4. Community Medicines A system of delivery of comprehensive health care to the people ( by a health team)in order to improve the health of the community. OR
  5. 5. Community MedicinesArt & science of application of technicalknowledge & skills to the delivery of healthcare to a given community, designed incollaboration with related professions aswell as human & social sciences on onehand & community on the other.
  6. 6. Community Medicine & Public health It is an aspect of Public Health is a “basic medical practice. science” of CommunityAlong with: Medicine.Biostatistics “Public” word refers to theEpidemiology people of community,& other fields. who decide that concerned action is needed, to accomplish its goals.
  7. 7. Public Health Preventing Disease Art & science of Prolonging Life & Promoting Physical & Mental health & Efficiency through organized community efforts for: (2) Organization of medical & (3) Development of social(1) Sanitation of Environment machinery nursing services for: Early Diagnosis Which will ensure to: & Prompt Treatment Every individual in community & prevention of Disease a standard of living adequate for maintenance of health.
  8. 8. organized community effortsAgencies concernedGovt: hospitals & health dept:Voluntary agencies likeTB, public health associations, Medicalassociations.Municipal corporationsCantonment BoardsSocial securities councils,Railways & Industrial organizations
  9. 9. Preventive Medicine Preventing DiseaseArt & science of Prolonging Life & Promoting Physical & Mental health & Efficacy Preventive Medicine For groups & communities For Individuals & families By public health practitioners By private health practitioners Practice Public Health Medical & Dental
  10. 10. Social Medicine It is study of man in hisPhysical Biological & Socio economic environment
  11. 11. Comparison of clinical & community Medicine Clinical Medicine Community Medicine1. Aim Ill or Diseased person Whole Population To shorten morbidity To reduce unnecessary & prevent mortality. morbidity & premature Explore methods mortality. Which would reverse Explore greatest potential or eliminate disease state For health improvement.2. Objective Patient Community Cure Pt: of disease Improve health status Clinical History Population data3. Information Physical examination Health problems, Disease pattern, availability ofRequired & Laboratory Tests health services, Felt needs of the community
  12. 12. 4. Diagnosis Differential Diagnosis & Community Diagnosis Probable Diagnosis5. Action Plan Treatment & Community health program Rehabilitation6. Evaluation Follow up & Evaluation of change in Assessment health status
  13. 13. Clinical Medicine Community Medicine