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WordPress in Government - SWOT Analysis and Strategies for Future - India


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WordPress has the potential to disrupt the Government Agencies web presence trends. A SWOT Analysis of WordPress with strategies for the future were discussed at WordCamp Baroda 2014.

WP Community can engage better with Government agencies with a bottom-up approach to trigger innovations at the base of the pyramid. Some real life implementations and examples are also discussed.

The talk was meant to provoke the WP Community in India to think on a broader horizon and longer term vision.

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WordPress in Government - SWOT Analysis and Strategies for Future - India

  1. 1. WordPress in Government It’s a C.M.S…..not the one you think. By Nagarajan M, IAS Email:
  2. 2. W P To Me Is 7 Year A Itch
  3. 3. Why I Love WordPress? • Expanded my horizons – into web, technology and internet • Helped me innovate – Applying concepts and tools to right context • Like DARPA – Internet – Internet of Things • Drone – Afghan war – delivering books– Delivering blood for emergencies • How can we apply WordPress to right context
  4. 4. Why WordPress • Simple and user friendly • Most Suited for digital engagement   • Sharing of Content Building Community Lowest barrier to entry • For organization • For Users
  5. 5. Where WordPress Stands? • Trends in Govt technology – Web 2.0 to Gov 2.0 • Government as a Platform – Tim O’Reilley • To me – Government is creator and enabler of Platforms. • Low funds – higher expectations • Digital engagement requires Digital presence • WP can enable digital presence with the least friction.
  6. 6. S.W.O.T
  7. 7. Strengths •The indomitable WP SPIRIT • Wide User base - Community Knowledge •It helps those who need it the most. •It empowers people to help others •Low entry barrier – technology funds and adoption •Wide options – themes, plugins and budget
  8. 8. Weakness •Seen as just a blogging tool •Security concerns •SPAM •Incompatibility issues – eg. WP Engine
  9. 9. Opportunities •Create a special install profile for Gov sector •Themes and plugins for Gov applications – eg. •Dedicated Gov community within WordPress •Awareness creation among Gov stakeholders • Engaging with Gov as a Community eg. Code for America
  10. 10. Threats •Domination of Drupal in Gov sector •Limited data management capability •Low level of reach out •Lack of awareness by potential users •High cost – securing, backup and hosting a WP site beyond a minimal scale.
  11. 11. Real Implementations….
  12. 12. • Early 2012 • Familiarizatin and training for staff • Funding issue – no budget
  13. 13. • • • • • • • • April 2013 20 staff across 13 talukas 3 marathon meetings Handholding for content preparation 30min video to 3 min clip New way of thinking and acting Not defined in rules Everyone is a reporter now
  14. 14. • • • • June to Dec 2012 Gujarat 2012 Election Content preparation – handholding Integration of existing web services Actual Government site page was embedded in iFrame to enable seamless user experience.
  15. 15. • Youtube Videos were listed using TubePress plugin • Simple way to achieve high user satisfaction
  16. 16. • Search page of Chief election Officer of Gujarat was embedded to bring all services under one roof. • Simple <iframe> embed • Good UX
  17. 17. • Webcasting of Polling Booths using Ustream.Tv
  18. 18. A website for each and every Gram Panchayat Inaugurated on 25th Jan 2014 (yesterday)
  19. 19. Its in public Alpha presently since Jan 25th, 2014 Village Information Portal
  20. 20. Features of eGram Web • • • • • Affordable RT I Application NREGA Job Demand Disability Certificate Registration Works Demand – CC Road, Gutterline, water tank etc…. • Many more to come….
  21. 21. Technology Trends in Government • Open Government – Tools needed for data creation, data management and data dissemination • Example – • Drupal – US Gov Collaboration • www.Sites.Usa.Gov - Multisite WP for Gov. • 5 stars of open data
  22. 22. 5 Stars of Data make your stuff available on the web ★ (whatever format) make it available as structured data ★★ (e.g. excel instead of image scan of a table) non-proprietary format (e.g. csv instead ★★★ of excel) use URLs to identify things, so that ★★★★ people can point at your stuff link your data to other people’s data to ★★★★★ provide context Source:
  23. 23. How WordPress Can Synergize • SocialGov – Build social tools for Gov Agencies • OpenGov – build workflow and reporting tools to gather, maintain and disseminate data. • DigitalGov – Help agencies better engage with citizens • MobileGov – integrate SMS, Apps for Mobile users
  24. 24. Thanks for your Patience. I am honoured. Email: