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Zalenium - How to run Selenium Script using Docker and Selenium Grid


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How to run Selenium Script using Docker and Selenium Grid

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Zalenium - How to run Selenium Script using Docker and Selenium Grid

  1. 1. Moataz Nabil Software Engineer in Test Zalando Lounge Berlin , Germany 09.05.2018 Zalenium How to run Selenium Scripts using Docker and Selenium Grid
  2. 2. AGENDA Who Am I ? What is Selenium / Selenium Grid The Idea What is Zalenium? How it works Demo Questions
  3. 3. WHO AM I ? Moataz Nabil Software Engineer in Test CSM , MCSD-ALM , ISTQB Certified @moatazeldebsy
  4. 4. OUR PROBLEM Run large test suites form multiple products as part of our continues integration process with a very small number of QA Engineers is very expensive.
  5. 5. Selenium Family Selenium Selenium IDE Selenium WebDriver Selenium Grid
  6. 6. Selenium WebDriver Selenium WebDriver tool is used to automate web application testing to verify that it works as expected. It supports many browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari. WebDriver = TaxiDriver :D
  7. 7. Selenium Grid • Run your tests against different browsers , operating systems and machines all at the same time. (Parallel testing) • Save time in the execution of your test suite.
  8. 8. Have you tried to build your own selenium grid before ?!
  9. 9. The old way 1- Download Selenium standalone Server jar file 2- Invoke the Selenium Grid Hub • java –jar selenium-server-standalone-3.11.0.jar -role hub 3- Invoke the Node with Firefox • java –jar selenium-server-standalone-3.11.0.jar -role webdriver -hub http://localhost:4444/grid/register -port 5556 -browser browserName=firefox 4- Invoke the Node with Chrome • java –jar selenium-server-standalone-3.11.0.jar -role webdriver -hub http://localhost:4444/grid/register -port 5566 -browser browserName=chrome The Selenium Grid is running now >> http://localhost:4444/grid/console
  10. 10. http://localhost:4444/grid/console
  11. 11. Docker • Secure by default • Build for scale • Extensible and flexible
  12. 12. The IDEA (Selenium Grid + Docker) A selenium grid that scales using docker-selenium containers... ...and all non supported capabilities are sent to a cloud testing provider.
  13. 13. What does Zalenium mean? Is the result of mixing Zalando and Selenium
  14. 14. What is Zalenium ? Dynamic, on-demand Selenium Grid to run UI tests with Selenium Expands during run time Based on docker-selenium Simple to setup and run (Get a grid up and running in a few seconds) Integrate with cloud testing providers Live Preview and recorded videos with logs after your tests completed Zalenium also has support for
  15. 15. Run it
  16. 16. One line installer One line installer and starter for OSX/Linux (it will check for the latest images and ask for missing dependencies)
  17. 17. Enabling Sauce Labs (you'll need an account with them)
  18. 18. Selenium Grid With Zalenium
  19. 19. Live Preview
  20. 20. Dashboard
  21. 21. DEMO
  22. 22. When to use Zalenium ? • While developing tests locally. • Run your UI tests in your CI environment for a PR (Pull Request). • You have a big server and want a local grid. • When releasing: • If Chrome and Firefox are enough, use only Zalenium. • Or combine it with a cloud testing provider for better coverage.
  23. 23. Questions?
  24. 24. Thank you :)