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Acca powerpoint 10 13-11


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Acca powerpoint 10 13-11

  1. 1. ARIZONA CHILD CARE ASSOCIATION From Classrooms to the Capitol The Voice of Private Child Care Centers
  2. 2. WELCOME 2011 Annual Meeting James Emch – ACCA PresidentValley Child Care and Learning Centers & Cactus Preschools Bill Berk – ACCA Vice President Outer Limits School
  3. 3. ACCA Board 2011-2012• James Emch - Valley Child Care & Cactus Preschools• Bill Berk - Outer Limits School• Robert Orsi - Sunrise Preschools and Tots Unlimited• Don DeWitt – Guiding Light School• Jeannie Chao - Creative Beginnings, Desert Skies, Kids Village, and Small World Preschools• Kathy Halter – KinderCare• Chris Soto - Sun Tykes and Kids Corner Preschool• Bonnie Taylor – Learning Care Group: ChildTime, Tutor Time, and La Petite Academy• Harolyn Tussing - All Together Now• Mary Sue Watson - Premier and Childrens Campus• Mark Werber - Tots Unlimited
  4. 4. ACCA ANNUAL MEETING MAJOR SPONSORSAssociation for Supportive Child CareSouthwest Human DevelopmentRio Salado CollegeSlater Insurance
  5. 5. PARTICIPATING VENDORS• CompuPay• Discovery Toys• Epicurean Foods• Kaplan Early Learning• Lakeshore Learning• TAPI – The Arizona Partnership for Immunization• The Ear Foundation of Arizona - BASICS (Building A Screening Infrastructure for Children’s Success)
  6. 6. Past Year Successes• Increased civic participation and advocacy• No on 302! – Overwhelming FTF support• Children removed from waiting list (temp)• Media and increased Public Awareness• FTF Access and Affordability• Grant to update Essential Orientation• Strengthened Partnerships
  7. 7. Arizona Early Care and Learning Challenges• Economy• AZ Unemployment Rate 9.3%• State Revenue Increasing, but…• “Cliff Effect”• State Debt• State Agency Cuts – cumulative effect
  8. 8. ACCA PRIORITIES and ACTIONS• State Child Care Funding• Quality and the Early Childhood System• Regulation and Fees• Professional and Technical Support
  9. 9. DES Subsidy – 3 Years of Cuts• Rates among lowest in nation• Co-pays unrealistic• Denial list continues - 6,937 October 7th• No General Fund!• $85 million – a 42% cut• 5,000 fewer children by June – 50% cut• 3,000 teacher jobs lost
  10. 10. Arizona Child Care Subsidy - February 2009 through June 2012 50000 45000 40000 35000Number of Children Served 30000 25000 20000 15000 10000 5000 0 09 10 11 12 09 10 11 12 09 09 10 10 11 11 9 0 1 2 9 0 1 r- 0 r- 1 r- 1 r- 1 -0 -1 -1 n- n- n- n- b- b- b- b- g- c- g- c- g- c- ct ct ct Ap Ap Ap Ap Ju Ju Ju Ju Fe Fe Fe Fe Au De Au De Au De O O O Total Subsidy Estimate Low Income Working Estimate
  11. 11. Actions and Goal• Begin to restore• ACCA Letter to Governor• ACTION - Develop legislative champions, weigh in with elected officials, and generate public support.• Ultimate Goal – Fully restore the program and make rates current
  12. 12. Quality of Care and the Early Childhood System• Scholarships and Pre-K• Quality First – Incentives and Ratings• TEACH & Professional Reward$• Technical Assistance & Consultation• Health and family support services• ACTION – Get involved and work with your Regional Council (s)
  13. 13. DHS Licensing & Fees• DHS EMPOWER Discount (fees still high)• Impact of economy on facilities and capacity• CPS clearances as a universal requirementACTIONS 1. Follow up on DHS fee study and keep policy makers informed 2. Continue coordination with Licensure 3. Assist members to meet regulations
  14. 14. Professional and Technical Support• Training• Topical Forums• Expand Professional Development opportunities• Problem solving• ACCA wants to hear from you!
  15. 15. STATE and NATIONAL PERSPECTIVESClarence Carter, Director, Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES)Will Humble, Director, Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS)Eric Karolak, Executive Director Early Care and Education ConsortiumRhian Allvin, Chief Executive Officer First Things First
  16. 16. Early Care and Education Consortium (ECEC) Partnership• National Alliance For-Profit and Non-Profit• Voice to Shape Public Policy in DC• Members 7,500 centers in 50 states• Members serve 1 million children• VISIT• SIGN UP for e-mails
  17. 17. ECEC Partnership• Federal Policy & You• The Scene in DC• Updates: funding, policy, regulations
  18. 18. ECEC Partnership: Updates• Funding – Appropriations process broke again: stopgap funding through Nov. 18 – Budget Control Act: “Super” Committee to report Nov. 23 – Threat of cuts – intentional or across the board
  19. 19. ECEC Partnership: Updates• Policy – K-12 law: ESEA reauthorization – Child Care: CCDBG “reform” – Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge• Regulation – Office of Child Care guidance – CPSC standard requires replacement of all cribs by 12/28/12
  20. 20. WHAT’S ON THE HORIZON?• Continued Risk to Public Funding• Higher expectations• Opportunities• Complexity• Partners• ACCA - Sustained effort, long term