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  1. 1. k o c t a B l o o h c S po S rt
  2. 2. MODERN vintage
  3. 3. Grand Opening of: MODERN vintage on Friday May 4, 2007 from 6pm-12pm 601 S. Broad St, Philadelphia, PA, 19147 | PHONE: 908.717.8194 |
  4. 4. MODERN vintage Come out and enjoy some great food and drink in a relaxed, mondern enviroment. Featuring e Fratellis $2 drink specials Half priced appitizers 601 S. Broad St, Philadelphia, PA, 19147 | PHONE: 908.717.8194 |
  5. 5. RIUS AQUAFebruary 18 PISC E 19 - S Febru 0- 2 ary ary Janu Ma rch 20 RNry 19 an You are You COJanua are nita! esso Gra I- a Café Espr Ame PRer 19 M rica ar no! c AR21 - A CA b e a illa h ar m IE pril 1 u Van ino! ce De c S9 Ca ch uc Fr Yo Yo Ma f pp u a cch en é Ca re iato , spresso “Lon Shot of e a g 21 so and shot of black” res ilk brown sugar, - De US ber e or if spresso sp m n, oze Ed Brandy fr x cem feeli you’re of I f ! ot me t o Es b of med ith TAR o unorthod ng g sh foa hin nilla pre ste m da foa o w sts mak ood A nd h a a just like ss am ilk or tte! e it a wit ch v ith ow e Café a e a 2 two! w you! n SAGIT ber 2 to r bu rgy. u La fre to go ur . ith This k, no fro ith TAURU 20 Apr 2 r yo f ene muc ixture h. g You a o ion a w y it u t o is d hot m presso Novem b You a ! who ke you am A double ur 0- r Dopp to b ants May large e at the h s m persona il suits yo for being . h li re a head stro An e w wit io S . world Espress DRINKOLOGY lity so ng Espress ed milk, gs you d on o SCORNovember 21 o toppe , fr d p to spice thin lways cinnam do! up! Like cara a shot o c You a tte! up o A good steam over w to ta ffee a PIO stea sso an re a ith mel. Espr ffé La f co add . lk a hy . m h ic e ch to rmon ou C with wh crav e ed m d oth Spin the wheel to your arame a oc cre y, You a 23 - su hav ers. Ca Es m olate ate ss an ru May sh ppo e for ilk f horoscope and see pre ilk, sy GEM ed . ber mind ce an ow rt y l Lat oth re yourself. of a lay d es ing t ou 21 ien what coffee you are! Octo conc ealth foa er pre he like - Ju o te! ur h A r m of ss coffees, m t uch yo plimen o INI ich ed cre o, ne 2 MODERN , d mi m com althy t from othe en lk, e te r he nd 1 k, se wi sets itself apart mil spices a ed ar cola ou Cho ! e c ha top th with tea brew something 2 Mo that r2 ea k vintage Espresso Blac be Ca Y with ice, pa hit cto p pu nn -O ou ccin a! W Y RA IB23 ar o c Ju e a on L er n b e AN22 - J C em ! Tea pt Chai a Se CEuly 22 Iced Cof fee! are R You You are 22 an ber ptem - Se July t 23 O 23 Augus - Au VIRG gu LEO st 22
  6. 6. N P ICOR AQU Janua er CAmbR19 - January 19 ARI ry 20 Dece - Fe US bru ary re a 18 US 1 You a You a ee Tenness RIcember 2 A White re a Hot Rus TT - De sia Fe Toddy! I 22 G n! br u er b r m SA PIary nte ea ve Wi ar SC19 s No u m! ES -M da ger A Gu arc La m arm cup Sa Yo h2 Yo inn A sim a 0 A nice w aniels, u a ess vodk ple crea 21 o re ! my ad f Jack D eeze er squ what drink you are! horoscope and see int Kah rink with ber honey, , and lua a W et t mon crea Spin the wheel to your m. A nd vem ec we r of le ater to IPIO ot w erf A s ee mix n odd b Ale e p ger! icy b ring h oth your , - No so smo ut Th La sp y b ho re a oth playful rk, Marc nd t ma the n muc , i t r 23 h st, P a le aa soul. da er, SO th ou list SCOR e do like a A r avey kee You a ich be p h 21 e d to go S i go your wn. de you. - you. Bass Octobe ty. yo DRINKOLOGY mo You are IS CO and ich a onali a ag and tions R by e ur drive suits nd robu and lime AREApril 19 o side! to calm yo aggressiv juic Lime! f ur d m your e some r an g for a once! ueeze o a ke-up an will s ctober 22 Nothing lik mfort Feeli . oon! refreshin n li and orange fo extra zin g spirit stic e materia ou To Add a sq s outhern C e A Gin g class r 23 - O You are ju uit y nic Blue M y? LIBRA tu ow go mo n. cra pine ice. a You a tex es d oth. r embe Apr 2 gree of nd T co nber pple are r 0 day! su cu ry Gin a e a ou n mm nt an colo iting v Sept yo is li re a n rela summer A n e ru d t y rso onic t TAUR thi u so ght i nd wa x for pers netic he in with ice r dr m, tha pe its a hot so ink U ay 2 as sb w n side rtistic ing ple r su It 0 a cia of s -M S and grea to Be im ee ell! ble vintage your at crave a that’s fullf n 2 illing rin k th g vodk a A light, cr re isp beer d igoratin and MODERN H inv sweet lib ua ! A u Yo arp Ma Yo O mber 2 Ba u y a r Br RG epte M e a ee VIt 23 - S s z e! gu ni! Au arti GEay 21 M - June Coro Apple M an na Extra! a re IN 21 You You a I re a 22 ust Aug 23 - June July 22 - July 22 LEO CANC ER
  7. 7. Issue 3 March 2007 Whats inside St. Louis 2007 on HWY 46, its just 1 mile up to 532 24th ST.) Amp’d Mobile AMA (From the 101 take the HWY 46 east exit in Paso Robles, then go west Supercross Se ries Miller Honda • 532 24th Street • Paso Robles, Ca 93446 • (805) 238-0442 Budds Creek Get some food & swag Event Info from Transworld MX called “6IX” If you are on the way to the SF Supercross stop by see the new movie Your host ... Rick Johnson Ryan Hughes Friday Night March 30th, 5 - 9pm victorious at WORCS STATS from AM Miller Honda Open House PArty A You're invited! n Injured Grant Langsto CYPRESS CA - Yamaha Factory rac- er Grant Langston was injured during a PRE SORTED practice crash at the Yamaha test track 14338 Yukon Ave. • Hawthorne, CA • 90250 US POSTAGE in Corona, CA. While preparing for the PAID upcoming Phoenix Supercross on Thurs- HAWTHORNE, CA day January 11th, Grant went down Photo By: Michael Sierens and, fear- ing he had injured his collarbone, immedi- ately went to the local Grant Langston hospital. After meeting with his doctors, it was confirmed that Grant Langston did, in fact, break his collarbone. The likeable South African will be forced to miss at least the next four to six rounds of the AMA Supercross series. Yamaha will update Grant’s condition and possible return date as Grant moves forward with his recovery and return to the Supercross series.