Social Media in a Law Firm


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Social media at Allen & Overy

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Social Media in a Law Firm

  1. 1. Social media in a Law Firm: Allen & Overy’s journey Mart van de Kerkhof, Allen & Overy LLP Amsterdam
  2. 2. About us?
  3. 3. hard to miss in 2006  weblog - tags - social bookmarking - wiki - - social software - the writing web - web 2.0 - collaboration tools - sharing and collaboration - podcast - web services  Wikipedia - YouTube - Basecamp -Flicker - Linked In - Social Text - Confluence - Facebook - MySpace - BitTorrent - Lime - slideshare  blogsphere - the end of email- wikinomics - disruptive technology - new business models - the end of billing by the hour - revolution
  4. 4. 48 months ago  A&Os web 2.0 project began, as a 3-month pilot for three groups 1.  weblog & wiki for global Know-How staff to support communication and collaboration 2.  weblog & wiki for environmental lawyers to support creation and sharing of knowledge (EU directives) 3.  weblogs (ezines) for internal news provision of Amsterdam office  blended solution: Confluence wikis, Movable type webblogs, CMS style sheets in pilot environments  expert support from Headshift (UK) and iLLumion (NL)
  5. 5. Allen & Overys social stack E-mail alerts RSS newsfeeds social bookmarking & tags wiki (group space) weblog social network
  6. 6. and many flowers blossomed  capturing and sharing of know-how  special interest group communication  staff communication  project group communication  internal news provision  client communication  blogs on A&Os recruitment site  deliberately not (yet):   personal blogs   matter-related blogs and wikis
  7. 7. the secret of its success  tools instantaneously available  ease of use  power to publish  personalization and precision  the end of email?  because its all about communication!
  8. 8. How we made sense of social software – our 10 steps tosuccess1.  Sought expert advice2.  Started small3.  Worked with ‘trusted communities’4.  Focused on easy but important groups and objectives5.  Emphasised experiment not pilot6.  Took the lead (with internal IT support)7.  Spread the word8.  Supported our ‘growing phase’9.  Created a market10.  Applied ‘hard’ business principles to ‘soft’ software
  9. 9. Our social software roadmap Phase 3 planned On demand Phase 2 Enterprise wide 50+ sites for: RSS Phase 1 legal teams Subscription 3 sites support teams Integrated Standard template clients Flexible Member specific Communication Email alert News provision Group blog collaboration Wiki (Group Space) project management Shared bookmarks thought leadership Newsfeeds know-how enquiries Social tagging operations manuals courses
  10. 10. Social media in a Law Firm: Allen & Overy’s journey Mart van de Kerkhof, Allen & Overy LLP Amsterdam