NetSure ITM 48V DC UPS


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Row-based, scalable 48V DC UPS

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NetSure ITM 48V DC UPS

  1. 1. NetSure™ITM with eSure™TechnologyRow-based, Scalable 48V DC UPSDC PowerFor Business-Critical Continuity™
  2. 2. 2WithoutEnergy OptimizationWithEnergy OptimizationSystemEfficiencyImprovement10%84%86%88%92%90%94%98%96%20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%SystemEfficiency*Load*System efficiency includes AC to DC power conversion and internal distribution losses.Rising power density, rapid and unpredictable growth,escalating energy consumption and cost, plus a myriad ofother power-related challenges are making it increasinglycomplicated and expensive to protect critical networkand computing equipment. The NetSure™ITM integratesDC UPS components into a compact, highly reliablepower protection system, offering the answer to yourcurrent and future 48V power needs. This three-phase480V AC input, 48V DC output UPS provides highlyavailable power to a wide variety of IT applications anddelivers advanced operating features combined withreduced total cost of ownership.The NetSure™ITM is designed for deployment directly onthe server room floor, and provides protected 48V power to nearby equipment racks. Thispreserves the efficiency and reliability benefits of DC power, while minimizing the amountof copper required and enabling modular growth.The NetSure™ITM lowers the cost ofdata center design, operation andmanagement. This 48V direct currentsolution is a row-based DC UPS thatdelivers simple, scalable and highlyefficient power protection.A Complete Power Protection SolutionFeatures & Benefits High system efficiency: Reduced powerconversion stages combined with 96%efficient eSure™power conversion units(PCUs) and an advanced energyoptimization mode enable significantenergy savings even at low loads. Scalability and ease of deployment:Minimize your initial investment and avoidstranded power by adding expansion DCUPS modules without interruption in thefield as power needs increase. DC architecture simplicity: Fewercomponents,conversionstagesanddistributionbreakersthroughoutthepowerchainensurehighavailability;eliminationofcomplexsynchronizationcircuitsandtheneedtode-ratecapacityforphasebalancingorharmonicsmakesiteasytoengineer. High reliability and exceptional resiliency:Uninterrupted operation in the unlikelyevent of multiple component failures. Ease of maintenance: Field replaceable,hot swappable PCUs allow rapid replace-ment without critical bus disruption; lowvoltage allows maintenance withoutbypass or shutdown. Compact footprint: Row-based, integrateddesign saves considerable facility space byeliminating the need for a dedicated powerroom and separate PDU distribution. Flexible deployment options: Top orbottom cable entry allows for raised ornon-raised floor installations. Advanced control and monitoring: Realtime input and output monitoring,including power quality and consumptiondata, enables facility planning for thesystem and each branch circuit; state-of-the-art battery monitoring with Albértechnology to assure optimal backupperformance. One-year warranty: Provides full systemcoverage for one year.NetSure™ITM DC UPS ModuleTop-Cabled ConfigurationFigure 1: NetSure™ITM System EfficiencyEfficiency Without Compromise™provides a path to optimize data center infrastructurearound design, operating and management efficiencies –while maintaining or improving availability. This isachieved through the proper selection and utilization ofcooling, power and monitoring technologies, supportedby key services and local expertise.
  3. 3. 3Lower Total Cost of OwnershipDC power is often associated withtelecommunications where it hasdelivered extremely high reliability fordecades. Since DC power is bothprovided by backup power sourcesand consumed by electronicequipment, a DC power architectureminimizes conversion stages from gridto chip, thus enabling higher overallefficiency with increased availability. Factory integrated system for fast andeasy site installation Service or expansion can be performedwhile the DC UPS is in operation,reducing maintenance costs Compact footprint with built-inbatteries and distribution, minimizesrequired floor space Designed for scalable growth topostpone additional capex untilcapacity is needed Energy Optimization ModeIntelligent Power Matching [Figure 1]• Achieves near-peak UPSefficiency down to 5% systemload by optimizing individualPCU performance, greatlyreducing energy costs overtime in real world conditions• Matches delivered powerfrom the UPS to real-timedemand, keeping a minimumof PCUs active and puttingthe rest on standby• Balances the run time of eachPCU by rotating the active andstandby units• Maintains the ability torespond quickly to changingload conditionsUnmatched AvailabilityResilient design System bus charges batteries anddistributes power directly to the serverrack without additional switching orconversions 65k AIC withstand rating on ACinput breaker(s) Controller outage does not interruptpower delivery to the critical load and isfield replaceable without system outageBattery monitoring technology from Albér Detects failing battery cells beforethey affect the critical load Checks each cell and associatedconnections via a proactive, patentedresistance test to reliably predictbattery performance Provides early warning of cellproblems without frequent dischargetests or battery degradation; mini-mum technician visits with maximumrun time protection SystemcontrollerstoresrawdataaccessibleviawebpageorexternalmonitoringsystemCentral to a data center’s strength is its overall uptime. To maintain business continuity,power systems must exhibit high availability and easily scale for increasing capacity.NetSure™rectifiers or power conversion units (PCUs) are the heart of the NetSure™ITM DCUPS. Each DC UPS module includes twelve independent 5.8kW PCUs. These PCUs are globallyrenowned with over 2 million units deployed, offering unmatched reliability with less than0.5% return rate (200 years MTBF). The NetSure™ITM provides many robust features to createa highly redundant package that minimizes single points of failure. Proven power conversion topology Each PCU delivers conditioned,isolated power to a commondistribution bus PCUs function in parallel for seamlessredundancy without switching Units are hot swappable in the fieldwithout system adjustment;minimum field repair time (MTTR)increases overall uptimeRedundant configuration Redundancy can be achieved bothwithin a DC UPS module by PCU (N+x),and by complete system (2N) Internal power distribution through(22) branch circuit breakers allowsredundant A+B power paths to eachrack Battery backup via three parallelbattery strings Optional dual AC inputs allowupstream switchgear maintenancewithout system outageNetSure™ITM delivers Efficiency Without Compromise™INFRASTRUCTUREMANAGEMENTImproving performanceof the IT infrastructureand environmentECO AVAILABILITYBalancing high levels ofavailability and efficiencyFLEX CAPACITYAdapting to IT changes forcontinuous optimizationand design flexibilityHIGH DENSITYDelivering architecturesfrom 10–60 kW/Rack tominimize space and cost
  4. 4. The NetSure™ITM solution is a modular system in 70 kW increments,expandable up to 280 kW (4 DC UPS modules) with one controller.Flexibility to Meet the Needs of Any Data CenterFlexible Capacity Each integrated DC UPS module occupiesonly 24 (W) x 41 (D) of floor space,including batteries and primary distribution Delivered fully configured for quick andeasy field installation Typically installed in either the middle or atthe end of a row of server racks Deploy only the capacity that is initiallyneeded; DC UPS modules can be added atany time to row configurations on the datacenter floor Choose from top and bottom cabledvariants for installation in either concreteor raised floor environmentsAs Figure 2 illustrates, the NetSure™ITMsolution starts with a primary DC UPSmodule rated for 70kW. As your powerneeds increase, you can add up to threeexpansion DC UPS modules, for a maximumcapacity of 280kW that may be configuredfor N+1 redundancy by subtracting one 6kWPCU from the rating. Each DC UPS modulealso includes 48V primary power distributionwith 22 circuit breakers (6 fuses optional).Various server rack densities are supportedwith 5-10 minutes of battery backup timeacross three parallel 48V battery strings.70kW (64kW N+1)140kW (134kW N+1)210kW (204kW N+1)280kW (274kW N+1)Figure 2: System ScalabilityFigure 2: Primary DC UPS module with 3 expansion modules (top-cabled configuration shown)Install only the capacity required; link up to four DC UPS modules to one controller Figure 3 depicts two top-cable installationscenarios. Depending on your site andbudget requirements, the NetSure™ITMsolution can either be installed as a singledeployment [Figure 3a], or incrementally byrow [Figure 3b] as power requirements grow.In either scenario, DC distribution cabling toeach rack is reduced by placing the NetSure™ITM in-the-row.Both AC and DC loads can be accommodatedat the same site. AC loads can either beprotected by an AC UPS or via a rack-mountDC to AC inverter fed from the DC UPS, bothavailable from your local Emerson NetworkPower representative.4Whatever the physical layout of your data center, the NetSure™ITM minimizes required floor space. With DC UPSbuilding block modules, you can mix and match configurationsand standard layouts to fit your available space.
  5. 5. Figure 3a: 140kW initial deploymentTwo DC UPS modules power blade server racksFigure 3b: 70kW initial deployment (front row) Add DC UPS and server capacity as needed (back row)Figure 3: NetSure™ITM Row-Based Installation Examples Ideal Applications for Reliable,Scalable 48V DC Power: New and expanding small to mediumdata centers High-density, scalable blade deployments Predesigned pods and clusters Facilities with constrained power and limitedpower room space Facilities without a dedicated power room New deployments with unpredictablegrowth and limited initial investment Applications combining servers andnetworking equipment (VoIP, PoE, etc.) Network testing labs5The NetSure™ITM easily compliments existing AC power systems, whetheryou are planning a new facility or expanding an existing data center.
  6. 6. Components of the NetSure™ITM DC Power SystemEach NetSure™ITM DC UPS module consists of twelve 5.8 kW power conversion units (PCUs),an advanced controller, three strings of 6V long-life VRLA battery cells, and 48V DC branchdistribution to feed each server rack. In addition to comprehensive efficiency and powermetrics, the advanced controller provides complete system and battery monitoring. Further-more, power to each output circuit is individually monitored. Batteries and your choice ofoutput distribution are integrated into the system prior to shipment from the factory forsimplified site installation.Excellence EB4 VRLA BatteryNetSure™System Controller ACU+eSure™High-Efficiency Power Conversion Unit6Energy Optimization andComprehensive MonitoringAll NetSure™ITM DC UPS modules arecontrolled and monitored by the AdvancedControl Unit (ACU+). Critical systemfunctions and operational conditions as wellas alarms can be viewed both locally via LCDdisplay and remotely via a secure webinterface, Liebert®SiteScan™orEnergyMaster™Remote Supervision.Essential system metrics and alarms arecontinuously monitored: System input and output details Battery state of health DC output branch distribution circuitsVRLA BatteriesThe system features three strings of 6VVRLA batteries from Emerson. TheExcellence series battery is a top-of-the-line front terminal battery that is designedfor reliable and efficient operation with along life expectancy. High energy densitycombined with superior endurance ensureslong-term, trouble-free performance.Designed for small areas, the Excellenceseries consumes less rack space andfacilitates easy installation and handling.This battery is rated for 10 years at 25°C andincludes a 3 year full warranty.Power ConversionUnits (PCUs)Designed for best-in-class efficiency(96%) and high power density, thefoundation of the NetSure™ITMis the modular 3-phase input PCUs.Installation and maintenance is easywith plug-and-play functionality and aweight of only 17.6 lbs (8 kg). The PCUalso features a low THD level (5%).
  7. 7. SiteWeb™BRCACDCACDCA B A B A B A BACDCACDC48VDCOutput48VDCOutput48VDCOutput48VDCOutputACDCACDCACDCACDC1121324253637481 22 23 44 45 66 67(3strings)(3strings)(3strings)(3strings)88One-line diagram for a four DC UPS module system shown withcircuit breaker output and dual AC input.Figure 4: NetSure™ITM Internal Schematic7SiteWeb™BRCwith Albér®TechnologyIndustry leading battery monitoring technology fromAlbér provides detailed information and alarms regardingthe battery backup condition that will minimize site visitsand maintenance. The functionality of the SiteWeb™BRCis integrated with the system controller to continuouslymonitor and test the battery backup system at the cell orblock level without affecting battery performance. Itmeasures cell internal resistance, intercell resistance, cellvoltages, battery current and temperature. The informa-tion and alarms can be viewed via a web browser orconnected to Liebert SiteScan™or EnergyMaster™Remote Supervision for long term trending and analysis.1 AC input wiring(top or bottom)2 Power Conversion Unit(12 x 5833W)3 ACU+ controller4 480V AC input breaker5 AC connection point 6 Battery fuses 7 48V DC output distribution –22x100-200A breakers (shown);2x500A + 4x200A fuses (optional) 8 Battery cooling fans 9 Integrated battery compartment;(3) strings VRLA batteries234775116NetSure™ITM Front View(bottom-cabled version shownwith front covers removed)NetSure™ITM Rear View(rear cover removed)98
  8. 8. Rack-Mount Server Applications Blade Server or High CapacitySwitch Applications8Easy Zero Rack Unit Power DistributionFeaturing plug-and-play connectors for simple field connections, NetSure™RDB48V Rack Distribution Units are designed to complete your NetSure™ITM Solution.Space Saving DesignWhen it’s time to deploy DC powerin your rack, a zero U, rear mountconfiguration keeps the most rackspace available for your revenuegenerating equipment.Robust, tool-less, easy to useThe NetSure™RDB Series of rack PDUsis designed to handle up to an 8.6 kWload and provisioned to optimize thewire size required to each device.The result is a system that is easy topre-configure and manage long term.Because of the plug-and-play connec-tivity, no special tools or expertiseare needed to maintain or move yourIT equipment. Quick input connectors facilitateeasy installation and allow fortool-less field adjustments as layoutsor requirements change Each outlet is individuallyprotected by a circuit breaker Breaker trip notificationfor added convenience whentroubleshooting outages Versatile PDU mounting optionspermit installation in any orientationNetSure™RDB Series ModelsHigh Power Distribution(50-80A output breakers)2 3 outlet configurationsMedium Power Distribution(25-35A output breakers)6 outlet configurationLow Power Distribution(10-20A output breakers)6 15 outlet configurations NetSure™RDB M6NetSure™RDB H2NetSure™RDB H3NetSure™RDB L15NetSure™RDB L6
  9. 9. 9Trust the service and support of yourNetSure™ITM system to the experts atEmerson Network Power. Our services areoffered by technical professionals whohave, on average, more than a decade offield experience with DC and networkequipment. On the rare occasion thatservice is required, our technicians can beat your site within hours and are backed byan entire organization ready to helpresolve any issues.We offer a complete suite of services tooptimize and maintain the operation ofyour NetSure™ITM solution throughoutits life cycle.StartupWe know the risks that improper systemconfiguration can pose to your equipmentand business. That’s why, even if a third-partyhas installed your system, you can depend onus to perform site testing and verification. Wewill provide testing and verification of the DCUPS, including PCUs, batteries and controlpoints, to ensure problems are identifiedbefore they occur.Technical SupportRemote support provides an immediateinterface with experienced technical experts24hours a day to help resolve unexpectedsystemincidents and support you in operatingandmanaging your DC UPS.Preventive MaintenanceOur preventive maintenance programswill ensure your NetSure™ITM runs atpeak system availability and establishes apredictable maintenance budget protect-ed from costly emergency repairs. Periodicinspections identify problems before theyoccur and maintain maximum operatingefficiency. This DC UPS service planprovides a clear picture of system statusand recommendations for correctivesteps to prevent future problems. Variousscopes of work that cover PCUs, batteries(including capacity testing), and DCdistribution are available.Available exclusively to Emerson NetworkPower preventive maintenance customers,our secure customer website, Freedom-Care, gives you the capability to viewand download service and maintenancevisit reports.EnergyMaster™Remote SupervisionEnergyMaster™assessment and remotesupervision solutions provide an integratedapproach to managing the energy andhealth of network infrastructures.Emerson experts optimize power consum-ing equipment for maximum energysavings and provide consistent networkreliability through remote supervisionroutines that reduce maintenance costs.Field ServiceOn-site field engineers are available forscheduled equipment replacement,emergency on-site technical trouble-shooting or system field upgrades.TrainingCourses, offered on-site or in ourtraining center, provide knowledge inthe operation, control, troubleshootingand maintenance of the NetSure™ITM.Design and InstallationWe offer industry-leading experience andresources to expertly design your DC UPSand 48V DC distribution system. Our fieldinstallation team is available throughoutNorth America to provide local knowledgeand quick response to project require-ments. Installation services offer a varietyof options to ensure the project iscompleted and tested as per agreedupon engineering specifications.A Life Cycle of Expert Service and SupportDEPLOYMENTDESIGNCriticalInfrastructureLifecycleOPTIMIZATION
  10. 10. 10NetSure™ITM – Technical SpecificationsDC UPS Primary Module 1 Expansion Module 2 Expansion Module 3 Expansion Module 4Power Rating (full) – kW 70 70 70 70Power Rating (N +1) – kW 64 70 70 70AC Input SpecificationsPhase 3Power Factor 0.99 at full load, 0.97 at 50% loadFrequency – Hz 45-65Input Voltage – Nominal 400 / 480V, 3 wire + groundInput Voltage – Range 304-530 VAC; shall withstand up to 600 VAC input without damage.Input Breaker Rating / AIC Rating – A 150 / 65,000Max Input Current / DC UPS Module 480V: 111A @ 384V; 89A @ 480V400V: 133A @ 320V; 107A @ 400V380V: 140A @ 304V; 112A @ 380VInrush Current Inrush current does not exceed 150% of the rated input steady state peak valueTotal Harmonic Distortion 5% from 50-100% of loadDC Output SpecificationsVoltage Nominal: -48VDC; normal operation: -54.5 VDC (battery float)Range: -42 to -58 VDCSystem Efficiency 96% peak; 95.5% from 40-100% load (system level including branch distribution losses)Energy Optimization Mode: Intelligent Power Matching Allows operation at near-peak efficiency down to 5% overall loadBranch Distribution Options 22 circuit breakers, 100-200A each; optional: 6 fuses, 2x500A + 4x200ABattery SpecificationType VRLA, Emerson Excellence EB4, 200 AhArrangement 3 strings; eight 6V blocks per stringBackup Time See backup time table at various loadsDesign Life 15 years @ 20 °C ; 10 years @ 25 °CRecharge Time (to 97% of nominal capacity) Less than 3 hours for 35% load; Less than 4 hours 15% loadPhysical DataForm Factor RackInstalled Dimensions (H x W x D) – in. (mm) 85 x 24 x 41 (2150 x 600 x 1050)Installed Weight – lb. (kg) 2925 (1325)Environmental SpecificationsSystem Operating Temp. – °F (°C) -5 °C to +35 °C; recommended operation with battery: 20 °C to 25 °C air inletSystem Storage Temp. – °F (°C) -40 to 158 °F (-40 °C to +70 °C)Relative Humidity 0 to 95%, non condensingOperating Elevation – ft. (m) 6562 (2000) at full powerAudible Noise 62dBHeat Rejection at Full Load – BTU/hr. (kW) 9,554 (2.8) per DC UPS moduleEMI FCC class ASafety CertificationsAgency Approved CE Marked to EN 60 950-1:2006UL Listed to 60 950-1 + UL 1801; CSA certifiedMonitoring CapabilityStandard Web-based monitoring, alarm reporting via SNMP, and integration with SiteScan via SiteLink-E moduleOptional Energy Master Remote Supervision
  11. 11. 11eSure™PCU (R48-6000Ne) – Technical SpecificationsDC OutputOutput Power 5833W maximumRegulation Steady state output voltage remains within +/-0.25% for any combination of input voltage from 5% to 100% loadWide Band Noise Does not exceed 250 mv peak-to-peak, or 100 mv rms per Telcordia GR-947-COREPsophometric Noise Does not exceed 1 mv from 10% to 100% loadProtectionCurrent Limiting The output current is limited to 110 ampsOver Current Internal fusePhysical CharacteristicsMounting Plug-in installation, hot swappableDimensions (H x W x D) – in. (mm) 3.36 x 8.83 x 14.62 (85.5 x 224.5 x 371.5)Weight – lb. (kg) 22 (10)Peace of mind. It’s confidence you’ve done everything possible to assure systemuptime. It’s confidence the DC UPS you rely on is operating at peak performance.It’s confidence you’ve selected the best partner available to sustain your criticalnetwork infrastructure. That is Emerson Network Power.Battery Back-up Time (minutes)DC UPSLoadSingle module70kWTwo modules140kWThree modules210kWFour modules280kW10kW 130 300 480 63020kW 55 130 210 30030kW 28 90 130 18040kW 17 55 90 13050kW 12 41 70 10064kW 7 24 50 7570kW 3 21 43 6980kW 17 34 5590kW 14 27 47100kW 12 22 40110kW 10 19 34120kW 8 17 28134kW 6 16 25140kW 3 14 22150kW 12 19160kW 10 17170kW 9 15180kW 8 14190kW 7 13204kW 4 11210kW 2 10220kW 9230kW 9240kW 8250kW 7260kW 6274kW 3280kW 1
  12. 12. © 2012 Emerson Network Power Energy Systems, North America, Inc. All rights reserved.Emerson Network PowerEnergy Systems, North America4350 Weaver Parkway, Warrenville, IL 60555Toll Free: +1 800 800 1280 (USA and Canada)Telephone: +1 440 246 6999 Fax: +1 440 246 4876Web: EmersonEnergy.comEmerson (NYSE: EMR), based in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), is a global leader in bringing technology and engineeringtogether to provide innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and consumer markets through itsnetwork power, process management, industrial automation, climate technologies, and tools and storage businesses.For more information, visit: Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR), maximizes reliability, deployment speed and operationalefficiency for communications networks. A trusted industry leader in smart infrastructure technologies, EmersonNetwork Power provides innovative, rapidly deployable solutions that deliver efficiency and uncompromised reliabilityregardless of network demands. Our solutions are supported globally by local Emerson Network Power service techni-cians. Learn more about Emerson Network Power products and services more about the NetSure™ITM DC UPS from Emerson at: publication is issued to provide outline information only which (unless agreed by Emerson Network Power Energy Systems, North America, Inc. in writing) may not beused, applied or reproduced for any purpose or form part of any order or contract or be regarded as a representation relating to the products or services concerned. EmersonNetwork Power Energy Systems, North America, Inc. reserves the right to alter without notice the specification, design or conditions of supply of any product or service.Emerson®, Emerson Network Power™, Business-Critical Continuity™, Efficiency Without Compromise™, Albér®, EnergyMaster™, eSure™, Liebert®, NetSure™, SiteScan™andSiteWeb™are trademarks of Emerson Electric Co. and/or one of its subsidiaries.Code: 100B-NSITM / 0212Emerson Network Power.The global leader in enabling Business-Critical Continuity™.AC PowerConnectivityInfrastructure Management Monitoring Precision CoolingRacks Integrated CabinetsOutside PlantServicesDC Power Power Switching ControlsEmbedded ComputingEmbedded PowerIndustrial