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Security threats and countermeasure in 3 g network


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Security threats and countermeasure in 3 g network

  1. 1. Quratulain Safdar CT-014
  2. 2. • Third generation mobile system which providemobile users with rich services,wireless broadband access to Internet, andworldwide roaming.• The users will be able to enjoy Voice-over-IP,multimedia messaging, and videoconferencingservices with up to 2 Mbps data rate2
  3. 3. TRADITIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE• In traditional infrastructure of wire thereare vast radio resources and signalingprocedures so that traffic is not a bigproblem to handle.
  4. 4. MOBILE INFRASTRUCTURE• In mobile network there are limitedresources and signaling procedure forradio resource management is complexthat’s why the traffic handling is a bigthreat.
  7. 7. SECURITY THREATS IN 3GNETWORK• Resource consume of UE• Resource consume of mobile network• The abnormal termination of connectedservices
  8. 8. RESOURCE COMSUME OF UE:Power management in mobile devices is veryimportant because all work done by the device islead to power consumption. If there are so manyprocess which are running so the device needmore power to consume. Continuouscommunication and high cost of process are thetwo cases which are discuss below.–Continuous communication–High cost
  9. 9. CONTINUOUS COMMUNICATIONIn this case if the resources are consumed due toongoing communication caused by an abnormalservice and communication with malicious host.The UE is infected with malicious code becauseof the continuous scanning inside the network.Due to this reason the resources are consumedunnecessarily.
  10. 10. HIGH COST OF PROCESSThere is a timer t is used by the system which isautomatically turn off if the attacker constantlysend packets over a longer period of time than tthese can reallocate the radio resources. Fromthe perspective of radio resources the allocationand release is a high task.
  11. 11. RESOURCE CONSUME OF MOBILENETWORK:If attacker sent packet to any mobile devicefor a longer period of time than t than theRNC keep the resources to that particularUE and may prevent use for other devices.This may cause the failure of voice anddata service to particular base station.
  12. 12. ABNORMAL TERMINATION OFCONNECTED SERVICE:The mobile network can have a serious problem ofabnormal termination of service. The UE will trycontinuously in order to reconnect the mobile network. Inthis case all UE devices are trying to reconnect at thesame time. Potential threats can be viewed in thisregards. UE resources are consumed in order toreconnect to the server and occupying the wirelessresources. The RNC and SGSN will be failing bymassive retry in short period of time. DDOS attack willcause the failure of both data and voice services. It is an“SYNC FLOOD “attack to the network.
  14. 14. TRAFFIC ACQUISITION SYSTEMThis system collects the useful information fromthe traffic in packet network. Iu-PS and Gn, Giwhich are the main interface of PN and TASdesigned able to analyze the communicationsession. To analyze the communication mustsee the inside tunnel of mobile network.
  15. 15. ABNORMAL TRAFFIC DETECTIONSYSTEMThere are two engine used in this system oneengine used for the detection of revealed attackand the other is used to detect the unknownabnormal traffic. We need to detect two type ofattack the false-positive attack and the falsenegative-attack. In false-negative attack weneed to detect the unknown abnormal attacksand in false-positive attack we need to detect theknown attacks.
  16. 16. ABNORMAL UE MONITOR ANDCONTROL SYSTEMThis system is use to monitor and control theinformation that is come into the UE. Detectionand control system is not able to identify theaccrual user so only need to identify user byother information such as hash table.
  17. 17. CONCLUSIONMobile Network development is in progress andmany things are doing to enhance the bandwidthand limited resources. The threats of securitycan not be solve in 4F and LTE advance. Weresearch for the countermove and securitythreats of 3g network. There are many otherdevelopment are ongoing for near future toenhance the performance of mobile network.