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Security in wireless la ns


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Security in wireless la ns

  1. 1. Aisha AzizAisha AzizCT -013CT -013
  2. 2. IntroductionIntroductionTo Wireless LANsTo Wireless LANs
  3. 3. Wired EquivalentWired EquivalentPrivacy (WEP)Privacy (WEP)
  4. 4. •WEP came in existence in 1999.•It uses RC4 algorithm for confidentiality.
  5. 5. WEP CrackingWEP CrackingReasonsReasons
  6. 6. Wi-Fi ProtectedWi-Fi ProtectedAccess (WPA)Access (WPA)
  7. 7. Modes of WPA
  8. 8. Basic KeyInitializationVector (IV)Hash Special Key RC4Plain Text XORIVSequential KeyMessage Encrypted
  9. 9. Solutions of WEP Problems
  10. 10. WPA Issue & My Opinion
  11. 11. ComparisonComparison
  12. 12. EnergyEnergyConsumptionConsumption
  13. 13. Energy Consumption
  14. 14. Session Level security protocol.Whenever a session is need to beestablished there are three mainentities are used Mobile station (MS),Authentication Server (AS) and AccessPoint (AP).All of three works in three phases.Discovery Phase, Authentication phaseand Four-way Handshake phase.Four-way hand shake is done for apossession of PMK Pre Master Key whichin turns split into Pair wise Transient key(PTK).
  15. 15. CryptographicCryptographicKey ExchangeKey Exchange