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Improving intrusion detection system by honeypot


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Published in: Technology
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    i have project of ids using honeypot so give new features which can be add in project or you have project so plz send me the source code of that on
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Improving intrusion detection system by honeypot

  2. 2. Why Network SecuritySystem Automation, New technologies Blackhats Worms, Trojan, Dos attacks
  3. 3. Intrusion Detection SystemMonitors network traffic and suspicious activityAlerts the system or network administrator.Respond to anomalous or malicious traffic by takingaction such as blocking the user or source IPaddress from accessing the network.Tracking user policy violation.
  4. 4. IDS Categories Signature based detection system Anomaly based detection system Specification based detection system
  5. 5. Disadvantages Known threats False alarm ratio Logging and analyzing huge amount of data Processing Loads
  6. 6. New Threats and Attacks Phishing Botnets Trojan and worms Impersonation
  7. 7. HoneypotA New paradigm of SecurityA honeypot is an information system resource whosevalue lies in unauthorized and illicit use of thatresource
  8. 8. Classification based onImplementationServer Side HoneypotClient Side HoneypotsClassification based on InteractionLow Interactive HoneypotsHigh Interactive Honeypots
  9. 9. Value of Honeypot Hybrid Honeypots Analysis of attacks Reduction in False Alarm Ratio
  10. 10. Reduction in False AlarmRatio of IDS using HoneypotProposed model
  11. 11. CONCLUSIONHoneypot is a new paradigm to secure andprovides valuable researches to prevent threats.