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Qr codes


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Qr codes

  1. 1. Using QR Codes in the Classrooom Agenda: Explore Create Review
  2. 2. The History of QR Codes Using the QR reader on your mobile device, scan the QR code and complete the quiz.
  3. 3. Black and White and Scanned All Over
  4. 4. Explore QR Codes • Take your mobile device and walk around the library to see how QR codes are being used in classrooms.
  5. 5. How would you use QR Codes? • • • • • • • • Student Presentations Book trailers Scavenger hunts Surveys Homework help/Tutorial videos Quick links to internet sites Math answers Label posters/diagrams
  6. 6. How to Create a QR Code Practice: • Find your content • Copy the link • Paste link in • Download the QR Code • Save or Copy Handout: Using QR Stuff.docx
  7. 7. Using Google Forms with QR Codes • Create a Google Form • Copy and Paste the link to the form into website • Copy or Save the QR Code generated and display Handouts: Using QR Stuff.docx and Creating a Google Form.doc
  8. 8. Resources – Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything • – Using QR Codes to Differentiate Instruction • – Five Reasons I Love Using QR Codes in My Classroom • – Listly List on QR Codes in the Classroom • – Cybrary Man's Educational Web Sites • – The Teacher Garden Blog •
  9. 9. Extra QR Tools • Visualead: Create visual QR codes – • QR Voice: Generate QR codes for a synthesized voice message – • QR Treasure Hunt Generator – • QR Codes for You Tube Links to Book Trailers –