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Detailed Agenda T S L Selection Criteria Formatted


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Detailed Agenda T S L Selection Criteria Formatted

  1. 1. TEACHER LEADER SELECTION CRITERIA Whos Activity Materials / Procedure Time e Job General Materials Purpose / Audience • LCD / Computer • Purpose: Help participants begin to set critera for teacher leader selection. • Audience: MSC Representatives, STEM, & LEA (would also be appropriate Teacher Leaders) Teacher Leader Selection Criteria Materials: 30 minutes • Powerpoint presentation Handouts: • “Baker’s Dozen” Handout (do not need PPT thumbprints if this handout is used) • Reflection sheet: Teacher Leader Selection Criteria • EdLeadership, “Teachers as Leaders”, September 2007 / Vol.65 No. 1 (Recommended resource / can be ordered through ASCD, Focus of this entire issue is teacher leadership.) Activities: 10 minutes (1) Introductory slides 1 – 3 w/ team discussion on attributes of a teacher leader. (Use “Reflection 1” in a Think-Pair-Share format.) 10 minutes (2) Review “Baker’s Dozen” slides 4 – 8. 10 minutes (3) Using “Reflection 2”, have teams develop their own selection criteria. (4) If time, share out any additions they come up with to the list. (5) Hand out and explain to them the EdLeadership issue that they are receiving. © 2009, Grand Valley State University