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Ninja marketing with Google Plus Hover Cards
Google plus hover cards - your online business card and branding tool

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Ninja marketing with Google Plus Hover Cards

  1. 1. Ninja Marketing With Google Plus Hover Cards
  2. 2. Hover your mouse over any Google+ user’s name
  3. 3. You’ll see a popover box with their:      cover photo profile image their name a link to add them to circles (or showing what circles you have them in already) their tag line and employment or location
  4. 4. This is known as a “hover card”
  5. 5. Here are some examples:
  6. 6. Your hover card is your online business card
  7. 7. The information displayed is pulled from your Google+ profile
  8. 8. Now your audience can instantly see:     who you are common contacts which circles you’re in and how you can help them Genius!
  9. 9. Using your Google+ Profile To Complete Your Hover Card
  10. 10. The image below shows which Google+ profile fields to fill in to complete your hover card
  11. 11. Notice in the hover cards below that employment shows but you don’t have to put your business or job
  12. 12. Use this to promote yourself in as few characters as possible, or better still include the URL for your website (as Lisa’s done)
  13. 13. Updates are made in real time so if there are any changes you can instantly update and rebrand!
  14. 14. Stephan Hovnanian calls the hover card “The ultimate networking and personal branding tool”
  15. 15. Top Tip: If you’re a local business make sure you include your location so customers can instantly see where you’re based
  16. 16. Hover cards are interactive!
  17. 17. Hovering over your name will take the user to your profile page or users can “follow” you, right there on the spot
  18. 18. Where do hover cards appear?
  19. 19. Hover cards can be found in over twenty places across various Google properties (including Gmail and YouTube) as detailed in Stephan Hovnanian’s excellent article
  20. 20. Just imagine, 24 new opportunities to get in front of potential clients!
  21. 21. The Google+ Hover card will trigger on:       All posts and status updates All comments Hangouts The +1 activity on any comment A +mention in a post (or comment) Your posts when someone is browsing the related hash tags on a post and many, many more!
  22. 22. One of my favorite uses of the Hover card
  23. 23. With a quick cut and paste of code the Google+ badge displays on your website Check the link below for Google+ badges for your website:
  24. 24. This is essentially a static version of the hover card – but it’s interactive!
  25. 25. Your visitors can add you to their circles or “follow” you while they’re on your site and without having to visit Google+
  26. 26. Google plus profile badge in your sidebar
  27. 27. What to do next?
  28. 28. Make sure you’ve got an optimized Google+ profile so that your hover card reflects your brand or business
  29. 29. It’s Ninja marketing at its best
  30. 30. MMSpark shows entrepreneurs how to create successful businesses using online marketing and social media Discover more…