The Secret To Building Your Business With Google Plus Circles


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Building your business with Google plus circles? Let me show you the easy way

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The Secret To Building Your Business With Google Plus Circles

  1. 1. The Secret To Building Your Business With Google Plus Circles Have you discovered the power of building your business with Google Plus circles?
  2. 2. Resources…. Freebies & Guides 12 Top Social Media Tips Information packed webinars
  3. 3. Google Plus is not just “another social media platform”  It’s the “new Google” and the glue that ties social search together  Google have done an amazing job of bringing all their free tools and services under one umbrella so your Gmail address is the central connection to your Google Plus account, Google calendar, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Local, YouTube, and much more!
  4. 4. Google Plus is not just “another social media platform”  With Circles you can effectively build your business by using Google Plus for targeted promotions and tailoring the information you share, and receive  Unlike the other social media platforms where everything is posted to everyone (although only a small percentage of your friends and fans see your posts), with Google Plus you use circles to segment your contacts, and the information you share
  5. 5. Getting Started With Circles  When you’re just starting out, you will have 4 pre-created circles that you can edit or delete  Google will also suggest people to add to your circles based on the contact lists from your Gmail, Android and other Google services and products that you’re a part of  You may want to edit the titles of your existing circles before adding people, so you can easily categorize your contacts
  6. 6. Getting Started With Circles  To edit one of Google plus’s default circles, double-click on it to open its panel  A pop up window will appear that contains the circle’s name, a brief description, and a snapshot of who you’ve added to the circle  You can also add people based on your education (school, college, university) and employment (company, business)  When you’re building your business with Google plus circles you need to keep your ideal clients, and potential partners, in mind
  7. 7. Creating Circles  Click on the + to create a new circle or click on a circle to see who’s in it  Then you can drag and drop into other circles, edit the circle name, remove people from circles or delete the circle  Your circle strategy will evolve as you get familiar with Google Plus but it’s totally flexible and easily updated  Once you’ve started engaging on Google Plus, you can build your circles using the “People” tab to find contacts and drag and drop them into your circles
  8. 8.  You can have as many circles as you like and it’s a good idea to organise your circles based on the information you want to share  Think about how you might want to segment your contacts  Perhaps based on where they’re located, so you would invite local contacts to live workshops or 1-2-1 sessions; or customers (share special offers and members’ content), prospects (share your best blog posts and e-zine updates), or friends and family  And a great tip is to create a circle of influencers  If you’re working your circles strategically to build your business you should focus on circling the people you want to learn from
  9. 9. The Secret To Building Circles  The key to building circles is not to focus on the numbers but on the relationships you have with the people you circle  Actively engage with people you want to learn from by circling them, engaging them in conversation, sharing their relevant posts with your communities and circles, leaving thoughtful comments, +1 their content  By engaging, and sharing relevant, helpful content you’ll get yourself noticed, and build great relationships
  10. 10. Unlike Twitter where you follow as many people as possible in the hope that a certain percentage of them will follow you back, with Google Plus, it’s about quality rather than quantity So only circle people you look up to, and want to learn from Then you can share their updates and cutting-edge content with your followers (who hopefully will be circling you because you’re sharing such good stuff!)
  11. 11. Growing Your Circle Following  Focus on providing value and building strong relationships and your circles will grow as people get to know you and like what you share and how you add value  And focus on long-term, quality, relationships, rather than for lead generation or just to promote a product  Spam and promotional posts do not go down well on Google Plus  People are there to connect, build relationships and grow their businesses, not to make a quick buck  One thing I love about Google Plus is the community’s intolerance of junk, which keeps the calibre of content and interactions high
  12. 12. Another Handy Way To Add People To Circles Simply hover over someone’s name and your list of circles pops up Click on the circle(s) to add your new contact This applies whether you’re in a community, your home stream or receiving notifications
  13. 13. Talking of hovering… For more on Google Plus Hover Cards (your online business card), read the article I wrote recently for Women Unlimited
  14. 14. Decide Who Sees What You Share  What’s exciting about circles is that they determine the updates you see in your newsfeed  As you can see from the screen below, I have streams for each of my circles and can choose which stream I want to receive information from (you can also change your notifications to control how much content you receive from each stream)  Similar to Feedly I can choose to receive updates from specific people or groups
  15. 15. For example, if I want to see what my Women Unlimited contacts are sharing (or check when my article is being promoted!) I would click on the Women Unlimited circle (see below)
  16. 16. Circles make sharing easy  When you’re sharing content you can choose whether to share with the public or just to specific circles or communities  This is VERY powerful, because instead of posting an update as you would on Facebook or Twitter to your entire following, you can create content around specific audiences, which gives you the opportunity to connect in a very different, and far more personalized way  It’s social segmenting at its best!
  17. 17. Google plus is not a replacement for an email list like Aweber or Mail chimp, but it does have its benefits and can be used for very targeted and effective communications It’s a great business tool
  18. 18. Your action assignment from this article is to begin creating a handful of circles And don’t forget to “circle me” – connect with me (Cassie Hicks Kerr) directly or through the rapidly growing MM Spark community I’ll see you on G+!
  19. 19. Resources…. Freebies & Guides 12 Top Social Media Tips Information packed webinars