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Proteins (1)


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Proteins (1)

  1. 1. ProteinsGroup: Sol Lombardini, Pilar Diehl, Carolina Seoane y CandelaValcárcelMagdalena Ravagnan
  2. 2. proteinsThe smallest moleculesof wich they are made:amino acids moleculesElements they contain: C, H,O, NTheir functions in the bodyare: making cells, antibodies,enzymes, haemoglobin andproviding energySome food thatcontain them aremeat, fish, milk,cheese, peas, beansand tofuSolubility in water: some aresoluble and some areinsoluble
  3. 3. What are amino acids?•Protein molecules are made of long chains of smaller moleculesjoined end to end, these smaller molecules are called amino acids
  4. 4. What are the functions of proteins inthe body?• Proteins are not usually used to provide energy, many of the proteins in the foodyou eat are used for making new cells. New cells are used for growing, and forrepairing damaged parts of the body, in particular, cell membrane and cytoplasmcontain a lot of protein. Proteins are also needed to make antibodies and producemore haemoglobin.•antibodyenergyhaemoglobin
  5. 5. Food that contain proteins