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Lung cancer


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Lung cancer

  1. 1.  Lung cancer is a  Although some progress malignant tumor in the has been made in the lungs. This means that treatment of lung cancer, the abnormal cells of the it is still the most tumor grow without common cause of cancer order or control. They death. In 2010, more destroy the healthy lung than 222,000 new cases tissue around them. were expected to be diagnosed and about 157,000 Americans were expected to die from lung cancer.
  2. 2.  People with cancer face  When you or a loved one physical challenges of is diagnosed with lung the disease and its cancer, you may have treatment. But they may many questions, and the also have worries and answers may not always feelings that can make be clear at first. life difficult. If you have Everyone with lung lung cancer, there are cancer is not the same things you can do to and the options for help yourself cope with treatment are not the this major change in life. same.
  3. 3.  Prescription Assistance Clinical Trials.  Finding Healthcare Staging Coverage Surgery  Palliative Care Chemotherapy  Complementary and Alternative Therapies Radiation Therapy Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRT) Nutrition
  4. 4.  Mortality  Survival Rates Prevalence and  Smoking-Attributable Incidence Lung Cancer Gender Differences  Other Causes Racial/Ethnic Differences
  5. 5. Diference between a lung with Cancer and a