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Herat and exercise,alezzan y zubi 2013


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Herat and exercise,alezzan y zubi 2013

  1. 1. Exercise and Heart By: Mili Zubizarrata and Mili Alezzandrini.
  2. 2. During exercise, your muscles need more energy from respiration in order to contract. So the heart beats faster and arteries supplying muscles dilate.
  3. 3. These changes increase the blood flow to muscles and result in •An increase in supply of oxygen and glucose for respiration. •An increase in removal of carbon dioxide
  4. 4. You can detect the flow of blood through arteries as a pulse. Each time the left ventricle beats, a wave passes along the arteries which you can feel. You can find your pulse by feeling an artery at your wrist. The number of pulses per minute is your pulse rate and this is the same as the heart rate.