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Cell structure, wk


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Cell structure, wk

  2. 2. Cutting sections Longitudinal section
  3. 3. A group of cells from animal tissue cell membrane cyt plasm
  4. 4. The cytoplasm Although it looks structureless it contains many structures which are not visible at this magnification All the processes which keep the cell alive, take place in the cytoplasm or nucleus is a living, semi-liquid material
  5. 5. The _ nucleus IS a specialised region of cytoplasm which regulates all the chemical changes which take place in the cytoplasm also controls cell division - Contains genetic information.
  6. 6. The cell membrane encloses the cytoplasm and stops it flowing out It also controls which substances can get into and out of the cell It is partially permeable
  7. 7. 4“ -- . - i -t Cells from the cheek lining nucleus cytoplasm cell membrane
  8. 8. Plant cells Plant cells differ from animal cells in having a cell wall outside the cell membrane, and a large, fluid-filled vacuole
  9. 9. Chloroplasts Cells from the green parts of plants, such as leaves, contahioroplasts. The chloroplasts are always in the cytoplasm
  10. 10. Cells are 3-dimensional Cells seen in sections look flat, 2-dimensional. This is misleading and the picture shows how three plant cells might look if you could see them in 3 dimensions
  11. 11. Cytoplasm Nucleus Cell membrane mitochondria Cell wall Chloroplasts Animal cell present present present present absent Plant cell present present 0 resen present present present
  12. 12. Organs, cells and tissues The stomach is an organ , part of the digestivesystenifg ’ / " l L The stomach wall contains musclcissue The muscle tissue consists of muscleells
  13. 13. Which of these structures controls cell division? OCytoplasm . Nucleus . Cell membrane . Cell wall
  14. 14. In a plant cell, which of these describes the vacuole? . A semi-liquid living material Q A specialized region of cytoplasm . A region containing chloroplasts LIA solution of salts and sugars l cell sap’
  15. 15. The cell structure which controls the entry or exit of substances is . the nucleus . The cell wall GThe cell membrane . The cytoplasm
  16. 16. Which one of these statements is correct? . Plant cells do not have cell walls . Plant cells have no vacuoles 6Plant cells have nuclei . All plant cells have chloroplasts