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  1. 1. Blood composition•red blood cells•white blood cells• platelets• plasma
  2. 2. RED BLOOD CELLSThe Red Blood Cells are small circularcells, that have no nucleus. They contain apigment called haemoglobin.If you combine hemoglobin with oxygenyou will get oxyhaemoglobin, which carriesoxygen from the lungs to the heart and tothe rest of the body.
  3. 3. WHITE BLOOD CELLSThe White Blood Cells have nucleus, thereare less WBC than red blood cells.Some of their types are:•Lymphocytes: production of antibodies• phagocytes: phagocytosisThey are involved in defending the bodyagainst both infectious diseases and foreignmaterials.
  4. 4. PlateletsPlatelets are a natural source of growthfactors. They circulate in the blood ofmammals and are involved inhomeostasis, leading to the formation ofblood clots to stop the bleeding in injuries.
  5. 5. PlasmaPlasma is the cells liquid. Manysubstances are dissolved in the plasma(glucose, aminoacids, urea, hormones,salts, etc.)It serves as the protein reserve of thehuman body. It plays a vital role inintravascular osmotic effect that keepselectrolyte in balance form and protectsthe body from infection and other blooddisorders.
  6. 6. FunctionsTransport:1.Transport of nitrogenous waste fromthe liver to the kidneys.2.Transport of oxygen from the lungs tothe tissues.3.Transport of carbon dioxide from thetissues to the lungs.4. Transport of digested food from theintestine to the tissues.5.Transport of hormones.6. Transport of heat
  7. 7. FunctionsClotting:Coagulation is the process by which bloodforms clots. It is an important part ofhomeostasis, the cessation of blood lossfrom a damaged vessel wall is covered by aplatelet and fibrin-containing clot to stopbleeding and begin repair of the damagedvessel.