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Biology s3, 2nd. term quest dec 2013


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Biology s3, 2nd. term quest dec 2013

  1. 1. Materia: Biology Senior 3 Profesora: Ma. Magdalena Ravagnan Contenido nodal: Nutrition and transport in humans SEGUNDO TRIMESTRE Fecha de presentación: Tuesday December 10th A- Enzymes (a) What is an enzyme? (b) State the conditions in which enzymes work best. (c) Outline the parts played by named enzymes in each of the following processes. i- protein digestion in the alimentary canal. ii- fat digestion in the alimentary canal. iii- starch digestion in the alimentary canal. B- Human nutrition 1) Fig.1 shows the human digestive system
  2. 2. (a) Label on the diagram: mouth- oesophagus- stomach- small intestine- large intestine- anusLiver- pancreas- gall bladder (b) Using the appropriate letter, label where each of the following is produced: - an amylase, - hydrochloric acid, - a lipase, (A) (B) (C) - bile - pepsin b) (E) - absorption (F) 2) Table 1 shows information about the composition of a fruit. a) (D)
  3. 3. c)