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Biology 3ro esquema de contenidos nodales - feb 2018


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cont nod s3 feb 18

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Biology 3ro esquema de contenidos nodales - feb 2018

  1. 1. Colegio Las Cumbres Nivel Medio - ASIGNATURA: Biology CURSO: Senior 3 PROFESOR/A: Ma. Magdalena Ravagnan Contenido Nodal Sub-temas inlcuidos en el contenido nodal Nutrition in humans: Part 1 - The chemicals of life: carbohydrates, proteins and fats: elements, smallest units, functions in the body, food sources. - Enzymes: definition. Effect of the ph and temperature. -Human nutrition: - Diet: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Food tests. Balanced diet. Vitamins C and D. Minerals: iron and calcium. Deficiency diseases. - Human alimentary canal. Mechanical and physical digestion. Chemical digestion. Absorption. Assimilation. Egestion. Cholera and diarrhoea - Pathogens: Pathogens and body defences Lab work: - Making biological drawings - Osmosis in potato strips 1�Trimestre Nutrition in humans: Part 2 - Respiratory system: - Features of gas exchange surfaces - Structures. -Breathing: Composition of inspired and expired air, movements - Gas exchange. -Aerobic and anaerobic respiration: Use of energy released by respiration. -Transport in humans: Blood: Composition and functions. 2�Trimestre Maintenance of organisms - Transport in humans: - Heart. Coronary heart disease. Circulation in humans. - Blood vessels: Arteries, veins and capillaries: structure and functions. - Homeostasis: Control of glucose in blood Control of the body temperature: structure of the skin. Effects when the temperature rises or falls. 3�Trimestre Esquema de Contenidos para el Per�odo de Orientaci�n, evaluaci�n y promoci�n- cierre Febrero 2018