EmergingSoft MeetingPlanner Touch Digital Signage


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Conference room digital signage integrated with Microsoft Exchange or MeetingPlanner scheduling software. Use commercial signage or devices like an iPad, Windows tablet, Android device or other signage hardware. MeetingPlanner Touch provides interactive and non-interactive conference room digital signage.

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EmergingSoft MeetingPlanner Touch Digital Signage

  1. 1. Simplify Scheduling Improved Building Performance & Scheduling Productivity with EmergingSoft Solutions Microsoft Outlook, Digital Signage, Mobile Device & Web
  2. 2. MeetingPlanner Touch MeetingPlanner Touch – Bridge between Microsoft Exchange Resource Mailbox or MeetingPlanner and Digital Signage – Scheduled rooms are synchronized directly into Conference Room Digital Signs Conference Rooms Temporary Offices Common Areas Classrooms MP Touch & Exchange or MeetingPlanner MP Touch & Exchange or MeetingPlanner
  3. 3. Scheduling Options 1. Microsoft Exchange/Classroom System Synchronization Bridge – Leverage current use of Microsoft Exchange, Outlook or 3rd party scheduling tool – No scheduling behavior changes required – MeetingPlanner Touch bridge with Microsoft Exchange and Digital Sign • Conference Room Signage • Lobby Signage • Interactive and non-interactive 1. MeetingPlanner Enhanced Microsoft Outlook and Web Scheduling – Microsoft Outlook, web, digital signage and mobile device scheduling – MeetingPlanner enhanced scheduling capabilities with signage 1. Powerful reporting, notification services and work-flow 2. 3rd party integration Room/Office Scheduling Equipment Scheduling Catering Visitor Management Video Conference Cisco/Tandberg Integration Facilities Management HVAC/Lighting/Security Digital Signage
  4. 4. EmergingSoft Digital Signage Conference Room Digital Signage  Interactive/Non-Interactive  Typically 8-15 Inch  Tablet  Corporate, healthcare, higher education, convention centers  Microsoft Exchange, Outlook & MeetingPlanner Large Format Digital Signage  Non-Interactive/Interactive  Multiple data sources/Wayfinder  Player and content management software driven  Typically 30+ inch screens  Retail, corporate, higher education, convention centers, airports, hotels, more….
  5. 5. Interactive Digital Signs Room Signs:  MeetingPlanner Touch real time connectivity to MeetingPlanner or Microsoft Exchange schedules  Flexibility  10/15 inch PoE Commercial Sign  Book, extend, edit check-in, check-out Check In/Check Out
  6. 6. Screen Shots Conference Room Daily Schedule New Reservation Check In/Check Out
  7. 7. EmergingSoft Digital Signage Configuration Management  Set business rules and access  Easy to use web interface  Mobile access format  Q-Reader  Campus/Building views Features  Meeting Check In/by the room  Edit Existing Meetings  Default Settings  Authentication/by the room  Custom colors/Logos
  8. 8. Mobility MeetingPlanner Touch/Mobility • New MeetingPlanner Touch Mobility • QR Code Compatibility • Automatic import into personal calendar