MMO-Worlds Lists Top 5 MMORPG Games to Play for Free in 2013


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MMO-Worlds Lists Top 5 MMORPG Games to Play for Free in 2013

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MMO-Worlds Lists Top 5 MMORPG Games to Play for Free in 2013

  1. 1.  Customer Login  Sign Up  Home  PRBuzz Features  All Press Releases  Automotive Press Releases  Book Press Release  Business Press Release  Computer Press Releases  Education Press Releases  Energy & Environment Press Releases  Entertainment & Arts Press Releases  Family & Parenting Press Releases  Fashion Press Releases  Government & Politics Press Releases  Health & Fitness Press Releases  Family & Parenting Press Releases  Personal Finance Press Releases  Home & Garden Press Releases  Lifestyle Press Releases  Non Profit Press Releases  Sports Press Releases  Technology Press Releases  Travel Press Releases  Contact Us  Customer Feedback  FAQ search... Search MMO-Worlds Lists Top 5 MMORPG Games to Play for Free in 2013 ( October 8, 2012 -- MMO Worlds, a leading gaming website that reviews free-to-play (f2P) massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), today released its latest Top 5 Free MMORPG 2013 Games List. This year alone, more than a dozen new titles were released. This newest feature article aims to give MMO fans an easy way to find out which games are the most popular and fun. "In our website we feature a lot of great MMOs. There are so many different types that it was really hard to chose just the top five but we think this list will be very useful to those gamers who are looking for a new MMORPG to play," said Darius Johnson, MMO World's chief editor. But why are have they launched the new list so early? 2013 isn't over yet. According to Johnson, "Of course, we do expect that the coming year will bring even more changes to the industry so this list isn't set in stone. We reserve the right to update and change it if some new game is released next year and blows the current competition out of the water." Top 5 Free MMORPG 2013 Games List - The criteria used for judging were graphics, user interface, uniqueness, quest content, PvP, popularity, player
  2. 2. Press Release Views at 217 community, and (the most important factor) fun gameplay. Pay-to-play MMORPGs were not included in the list. Other minor factors such as sound, voice-acting, crafting, sandbox elements, guilds, pets, mounts, etc. were considered bonus features that are good to have but not essential to the core gaming experience. Overall, the one thing that really made a difference in picking the top titles was the addicting nature of the game. Also, some upcoming MMOs due to be released in 2013 were listed but are not included in the actual top 5. Only those MMORPGs that are currently available for everyone to play are considered eligible. Those titles that are still in alpha or beta testing are likewise not eligible. About MMO Worlds MMO Worlds is a top gaming portal for free-to-play MMORPG games. It contains tons of feature stories, news, reviews, videos, fun top lists and links to the best f2p MMOs online. Popular articles include "Games Like WoW But Free," "No Download MMORPG Games," "Free Anime RPGs" and "Sandbox Style MMO Games: Features and Examples." Website URL: Media Contact Darius Johnson ### Distribution: EmpoweredNews Customer Testimonials - Terms & Conditions - Writing Help - partners - Archived Press Releases - All Releases