Games like runescape but better


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Games like runescape but better

  1. 1. Games Like Runescape But Better – Best Free Browser MMORPG GamesGames like Runescape used to be very hard to find. However, in 2011 there are now quitea few free browser games like Runescape where there is no download and you don’t haveto install anything. Basically, you can play these games on right away for free!Click here for the complete list of the Best Free Games Like Runescape 2011.What makes these games similar to Runescape?1.) They are all online games. You can’t play them if you are not connected to theinternet. You also cannot download or install any of these games and then play it offline.2.) These games are all multiplayer and have a large number of people playing them at alltimes.3.) They are set in online worlds where you take on a specific role like a warrior,magician, business tycoon, starship captain, etc.4.) The games have player vs player content and competitive ranking.5.) There is also a lot of player vs environment content. This refers to things like killingmonsters and bosses.6.) They are all free to play forever, without a limited trial period.7.) The social part of the game is also very important. You can’t finish and win thesegames like you would in a console game because there is no set goal. The player simplysets his own goals and plays with others to achieve them.These seven qualities are what makes a game like Runescape. of course, these games arenot exactly like RS. If you want that, then you may want to just play RS.RS is a very old and established game that has a lot of players. Millions enjoy the gametoday and no doubt millions more will do so in the future. Although everyday more
  2. 2. people join and play the game – everyday people also quit RS and look for other, betterfree browser games like Runescape.Most of the time you will just be given a short description of the game, not a long, fivepage review. Why?Since you can start playing these games instantly there is no point in wasting timereading about it for ten minutes when you could just spend that time playing the actualgame.Even with the most detailed review you cannot be sure that you will like the game unlessyou play it yourself. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to do that when the games are free andrequire no download. Just click on the link, create an account and you can start playingimmediately.It’s worth noting that not too long ago, Runescape was the only game of its kind around.Probably because of its success, other game developers have been quick to imitate its freeplay model. This means that there are a lot of new browser games to choose from in2011, so what are you waiting for? Try it now! Click here for more information aboutbest free MMORPG no download browser games like Runescape.