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Sales Call

  1. 1. Sales call Dr. Mohamed Mossad
  2. 2. Steps of a Sales callCall Steps Salesmans Action Prospects Decision Find / Identify /Qualify / Classify Prospection /Categorize Analyze / Study / set objective Preparation Plan / Define Secure access / gain attention / Willing to see / to Approach awake interest listen Find out needs / buying motives / Presentation Wants / will benefit present benefits Listen to responses / reactions/ buying Responses Understands signals Needs / wants will Close Ask for order / commitment benefit Post - call Follow through / evaluate
  3. 3. Evolution of the Sales Process Prospecting Customer Retention Pre-approach Pre Database/Knowledge management Approach Relationship Selling Presentation MarketingOvercoming Objections Problem Solving Closing Adding Value Following‐up Relationship Maintenance
  4. 4. Steps of a Sales callFirst Step• Identify the target market• What segments exist in my territory?• Who are the potential buyers in these segments?
  5. 5. Steps of a Sales callSecond Step Find the potential prospects:- Records Superior Observations Non – competing sales persons
  6. 6. Steps of a Sales callThird Step• Qualify the prospect:-• Needs• Financial ability• Buying decision• Potentiality
  7. 7. Steps of a Sales callFourth step• Evaluate user status:-• Current user• Lapsed user• Competitor user• Non – user (of class)
  8. 8. Steps of a Sales callFifth step:• Classify your prospect according to:-• Specialty• Potentiality• Adoption sequence
  9. 9. Adopter categories Adopters Early Late Innovators: venture some Early Late majority :skeptical adopters: respected Laggards : tradition-bound Early majority: intentionalAge Younger OlderEducation Well educated Less educatedIncome Higher Lower
  10. 10. Adopter categories Adopters Early LateSocial relationships: Innovators : within wide Totally localwithin or outside experiencecommunity Others: more localitiesSocial status Higher LowerInformation sources Wider variety, many media Limited media exposure, rely on local groups
  11. 11. PreparationFirst Part:• SMART Objectives: Specific Measurable Ambitious / Realistic Triggering action / Decision• Yardstick to measure your success: Factor, data, etc. obtained from reliable sources
  12. 12. PreparationPlanning the call:How do you want to proceed? Find out best time to see customer Prepare Approach Questions / to uncover needs and verify assumptions Benefits to satisfy needs Responses to possible reactions Use of visual aid Ways of closing / gaining commitment Preparation enhances confidence and lead to more sales
  13. 13. Planning your call strategyHow are you going to achieve your objective?I. Finding out the best time.II. List all of your products strong sales features, benefits, and your competitive advantages.
  14. 14. Planning your call strategyHow are you going to achieve your objective?III. Analyze your competitors: Who are your competitors? What are the strengths of your competitors? Why do people buy from competitors? What are their weaknesses? Why do customers buy from you and not from competitors? What are your competitors doing right? How can you imitate their success?
  15. 15. PreparationPrepare: Approach Questions to uncover needs and verify assumptions Benefits to satisfy needs Responses to possible reactions Use of visual aid Ways of closing / gaining commitments
  16. 16. Approach
  17. 17. ApproachMain goals: To gain the prospects attention To stimulate the prospects interest To provide a smooth transition into the presentation
  18. 18. ApproachThree parts of approach Introduce yourself and whom you represent The purpose of your call A question
  19. 19. ApproachApproach Techniques: Referral Call objective Product or service benefit Buyer needs
  20. 20. ApproachAvoid negative "Suicidal" approach: To apologize in the beginning To refer to last negative visit To start asking (How is business?) or (May I help you?) To begin with close-ended question
  21. 21. ApproachApproach Techniques: Utilizing your call objective(s) Utilizing a prospects needs (known or unknown) Utilizing a product and / service benefits
  22. 22. ApproachApproach Techniques: Utilizing your call objective(s): "Good evening Dr. Ali ,summer season is about to start.When do you need your next order of Parentral Infusions to coverthis season?“ "Good morning Mr. Salama I am calling on you today to talkabout the new Swiss watch. What are you looking for in a goodwatch?“
  23. 23. ApproachApproach Techniques: Utilizing a prospects needs (known or unknown) "Good afternoon Mr. Ahmed. I am here today to find out whatis your requirement from us to increase the productivity of yourstaff?“ "Good morning Dr. Hassan I am calling on you today to solve theproblem of the expiry date. How many expired packs do youhave?“
  24. 24. ApproachApproach Techniques: Utilizing a product and / service benefits: "Good morning Mr. Saad. We offer a 120 days credit facility fororders placed prior to July 31St . How many packs would you like tohave?“ "Good afternoon Dr. Salwa. We are granting 20% free goodswhich mean an increase in your profit. How many packs wouldyou like to order?"
  25. 25. PresentationMain Purpose:• To "zero in" on the customers needs / buying motives withthe features and benefits of our proposal (product).• To be built on a positive two way communication.
  26. 26. Presentation• First half of presentation: To uncover customers needs by effective use of questions.• Second half of presentation: To start matching product benefits with customers needs /wishes in order to find the decisive buying motive.
  27. 27. PresentationSecond half of presentation:We define:• the feature of our product- what it is / has• as many benefits of our product as possible (6 buying motives!) what it can doWe look for:• the customers buying motive and match our benefit with his need
  28. 28. Do Remember!! You do not sell But you sell the idea of Food Tasty & healthy meals Clothes Attractive appearance Books Information Your ticket Enjoyment and fun Computer Management & control Blanket Warmth Furniture Comfortable home
  29. 29. Practice Session – Products  It causes acid suppression (F)  This promotion will lead to increased business results (B)  It consists of a full range of dosages forms (F)  The slow – release form improves patient compliance (B)
  30. 30. Practice Session – Products  It is highly recommended by Prof. Hassan Hosny (B)  Your product has a pleasant taste (F)  It works within 10 minutes (F)  This product can administered once daily (B)
  31. 31. Thanks