Management style attitude test results


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Management style attitude test results

  1. 1. Management Style Attitude Test Will your management style, technique and attitude act to demotivate or motivate your employees? Does your style of management promote low moral and help to create a bad atmosphere or are you a highly respected employer who oozes charisma ultimately generating a highly motivated workforce. Try this test, it might help to identify your strengths and weaknesses:1. I need to keep an eye on my employees to ensure the job gets done?  Agree  Disagree2. Incentives such as bonuses and prizes keep my employees motivated  Agree  Disagree3. My employees personal problems won’t affect their ability to work.  Agree  Disagree4. I instinctively know when my employees are unhappy  Agree  Disagree5. I feel unable to praise my staff as I feel it would patronize their efforts  Agree  Disagree6. I share an interest in the lives of my employees and whatever they feel importantto them  Agree  Disagree7. I am open to suggestions in the workplace, and eager to change policy wherenecessary as a result of a good suggestion  Agree  Disagree
  2. 2. 8. My employees are aware of the impact their work contributions make to mycompany  Agree  Disagree9. There is no need to share the companys achievements and progress with myemployees  Agree  Disagree10. All employees shouldnt actively be encouraged to move towards a moredemanding role  Agree  Disagree
  3. 3. Management Style Attitude Test Results1. Disagree:Trusting your staff will help to build their respect for you.2. Disagree:Incentives only work as a short term solution and only act to instantly boost levels ofmotivation. You should think of other ways to sustain motivation long-term.3. Disagree:Countless business days are lost due to employees personal problems, being awareand able to identify potential problems can go some way to alleviating the situation.4. Disagree:Dont rely on your instincts, cut out the guess work and simply ask your employeeswhy they are unhappy.5. Disagree:Employee recognition is one of the greatest tools to boost an employee’s motivationlevels.6. Agree:Employees will feel you value them as a person and not just as a work unit7. Agree: This is a good way to help your employees feel as if they are part of yourcompany.8. Agree:Your employees will feel valued and have a sense of belonging in your organization.9. Disagree:Your employees make a significant impact of the growth of your company andshould be kept informed at all times.10. Agree:Not all employees shrink at the idea of a challenge.
  4. 4. 10 = Excellent!! You are a natural 9 = Brilliant, you obviously see your employees as an asset 8 = Excellent. You have the right attitude 7 = Well Done. You obviously are aware of your employees needs 6 = Good. Motivation is a valuable art to master and you are getting there 5 = Not bad. Half way there, but it may be time for a re-think 4 = You need to update your management style and re-think your attitude 3 = Your employees are your greatest assets, think before its too late 2 = Change your attitude or your employees will change their jobs 1 = Go back to the drawing board and ask yourself some serious questions 0 = TRY THE TEST AGAIN SOMETHING WENT WRONG? Please accept my best wishes, Mohamed Mossad