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Music video analysis 5 tell your friends


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Music analysis 5

Published in: Education
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Music video analysis 5 tell your friends

  1. 1. Tell your friends By The Weekend Matt Morphy
  2. 2. The third video of the series begins with the same element with which the second one ended with which is fire. Not unlike the devil holding an apple in the first video, the viewers are treated again with biblical imagery. In Exodus 3, Moses encounters a bush that is on fire but that is not consumed by the flames. By approaching the burning bush, Moses ends up in a discussion with God.In the video however, The Weekend passes by the bush, but does not engage in any kind of conversation. Is he symbolically turning his back on god? Has he become a god himself? We then see The Weekend burying himself in the ground.
  3. 3. An interesting shot of that scene is that it version of The Weekend that is wrapped in plastic and being buried is the one that is singing the song. We see his lips moving through the plastic. He then starts dancing on the grave as some sort of celebration.
  4. 4. We then see a familiar character appear who is walking over towards The Weekend. The Weekend then pulls out a gun and shoots him dead.