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Local searchrecommendation tool


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Local searchrecommendation tool

  1. 1. FREE – Name Your Local Marketing<br />Introducing the Decision Engine For YourBusiness Success<br />Your Business, You Decide<br />
  2. 2. Local Search Marketing Profile<br />Definition of Local Search Advertising<br />Being found in your local area when a consumer is looking<br /> for your business for a business like yours… <br />Examples of Local Search Advertising<br />Advanced Profile $39.95 $19.95 with purchase of Search Advertising Program<br />Free Profile with Purchase of Advertising Program<br />Local Marketing Split <br />Market /Metro (Dropdown)<br />Brand vs. Search Recommendation<br />Type of Business (Dropdown)<br />Current Search Advertising spend <br /># Of Employees ( Dropdown)<br />Monthly Revenues (Dropdown)<br />Goggle Representation<br />Setting expectations Time & Return<br />Marketing Goals (New Customers)<br />Competitors – What do they spend?<br />Budget for Advertising (Dropdown)<br />