10 Tips To Survive Your First Mmorpg Game By Mmohub


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10 tips to survive your first MMORPG game. Very useful! Read the full article on MMO Hub.org http://bit.ly/y2xXA

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10 Tips To Survive Your First Mmorpg Game By Mmohub

  1. 1. 10 Tips To Survive Your First MMORPG Game
  2. 2. MMORPGs are difficult for new players. Anyone expecting something they’re used to is going to be shocked at how differently they play, even if they’ve enjoyed games of similar type in the past. They’re simply an entirely different experience, and it’s not uncommon for some people to be overwhelmed when it comes to getting into an MMORPG. For those people, and anyone still having problems breaking into the genre, here are ten tips to surviving an MMORPG.
  3. 3. 1 "Be optimistic and friendly There’s a good chance you’re going to get confused early on, and acting frustrated isn’t going to get you anywhere. Instead, be cheerful, friendly, and optimistic – there’s a much better chance you’ll enjoy yourself that way, and it will help when you need to...
  4. 4. 2 Ask questions You’re not going to know everything. Nearly every MMORPG has problems with tutorials, and even the best ones fail to explain everything. There’s simply too much content to keep the MMORPG entertaining while explaining it, so much of it is left untaught. To learn the tricks of the game, you’re going to have to ask questions.
  5. 5. 3 Ignore jerks More than any other genre, many MMORPG players for some reason feel a bit entitled. Some are elitist, and take joy in knowing more than everyone else. There are plenty of kind people, but expect to run into others who will pretend they were born with all of the knowledge of the game, and don’t feel like helping newcomers. Ignore them. Just because they’re being mean doesn’t mean everyone is, and they’re just a vocal minority. That said...
  6. 6. 4 "Read everything Even the kindest MMORPG player will get annoyed when someone asks questions they could easily find the answer to on their own. The quest’s text usually says where the objective is, the map usually has the locations of important places, and there’s a great deal of information online to teach new players what to do. Read it all, you’ll be well informed and better for it. Speaking of which...
  7. 7. 5 Join the MMORPG’s forums You’re going to feel out of place, but it’s a great resource for learning how to play outside of the MMORPG itself. Just like asking questions in-game will teach you on the go, asking for broader help on the forums can be beneficial as well. On top of that, it’s a great way to meet new people to help you with the game. Just in case you don’t...
  8. 8. 6 "Bring a friend The point of an MMORPG is playing with friends, so why not bring one along? It makes some of the issues listed above much less significant, as two heads are better than one when it comes to problem solving and learning how to play. It also makes finding a group easier, and a fighter/cleric duo is better than either one alone. Well, as long as you’re communicating well, which means you should...
  9. 9. 7 "Use voice chat Many MMORPGs come with built-in voice chat, meaning there’s no reason not to join in the conversation. There’s a sense of urgency in MMORPGs; player death can be much more important than it is in a typical shooter, and if a game has the tools put on the headset. Even when an MMORPG doesn’t have voice chat there are other options, such as Ventrillo, but that’s not an issue as long as you...
  10. 10. 8 Pick an easy MMORPG There are plenty of MMORPGs out there, some simple, some complex. Even if you’re interested in space travel, “EVE Online” is likely difficult for a new player. “Free Realms” and “World of Warcraft” on the other hand, are much easier to learn -- but there are others in-between. Choose one you’ll like, but make sure it’s not incredibly difficult. The genre is hard to get into in the first place, and picking a hard one doesn’t help. Either way, you’re going to want to...
  11. 11. 9 Plan around it I know, this might sound insane, but it’s important early on. Be it an hour a night or an hour a week, having a set time to play can help get into a rhythm. Before long, you’ll notice that many others do this as well, and you’ll begin recognizing faces and making friends. Even so, always remember to...
  12. 12. 10 Know your limits MMORPGs are incredibly fun, but are equally addictive. If you notice your work performance dropping or grades slipping, it might be time to cut back, play more casually, and remember that it is, indeed, just a game.
  13. 13. Read the full article 10 tips to survive my first MMORPG on MMOHub.org Or go to : http://mmohub.org/news/10-tips-for-surviving-your-first-mmorpg/435/