Making the most of Twitter


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Delivered at AGCAS Social media for beginners workshop

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Making the most of Twitter

  1. 1. Making the most ofMatthew MobbsCareers Service mjmobbs Matthew Mobbs #agcasemids
  2. 2. Your experience using twitter At what level would you rate your twitter expertise?Low High1 2 3 4 5 #agcasemids
  3. 3. What is Twitter? Updates – 140 Knowledge sharing Characters Collaboration Follow If interesting Keepup-to-date enough…Followers Promoting Not following celebrities! #agcasemids
  4. 4. Defining twitter“Twitter is a real-time informationnetwork thatconnects you to thelatest stories, ideas,opinions and newsabout what youfind interesting.” #agcasemids
  5. 5. Defining twitter Social Network Learning Network Professional Network #agcasemids
  6. 6. #agcasemids
  7. 7. Getting Started - Profile Upload a professional Try and get a sensible username profile photo that fits your personal brandLink to you blog, Write a full profilepersonal website or describing what you doLinkedIn and why your using twitter #agcasemids
  8. 8. Start following Careers Professional • Paul Redmond - @paulatliverpool • Lucy Hawkins (Oxford) - @CareersLucy • Helen Buzdugan (Manchester) - @helenbuz • Tristram Hooley - @pigironjoe Lists:!/helenbuz/careers-people/members Careers Services and organisation – University of Leicester - @uolcs – Guardian Careers - @GuardianCareers #agcasemids
  9. 9. Here todayName TwitterChrissie Gray chrissiegray23Linda Powell lindapowell58Caroline Jane Crouch c_j_crouchRuth Grainger RuthiegraingerTracy Louise Weaver weaver_tracy_12Valerie Matthews-Lane VMLaneRichard Wilcock Rich_WilcockMatthew Mobbs mjmobbs Activity – Find 5 Careers People to Follow #agcasemids
  10. 10. What to tweet about– Business insider 01/02/2012 #agcasemids
  11. 11. Sharing links Give an opinion on what you have read Ask a question about what you’ve read #agcasemids
  12. 12. Save yourself characters 2012/06/05/twitter- for-beginners/ (54 characters) (23 characters) Activity – Find useful link, shrink it at and tweet it #agcasemids
  13. 13. Talking to people Conversation and connections is one of the keys to twitter To mention or talk to someone include ‘@username’ in your tweet You can talk to anyone, even if they are not following you Still open to the world Direct messages are private #agcasemids
  14. 14. #tags (hash tags) Used to categorise tweets and link themes #keyword Popular #FF or Great for events and campaigns Live event – Activity – Write a tweet @ someone and mention the #agcasemids #agcasemids
  15. 15. Retweeting Re-sharing what someone else has posted Amplification Comment upon their tweets MT – modified tweet #agcasemids
  16. 16. Third party applications #agcasemids
  17. 17. Twitter scenarioA student is interested in getting into publishing and she is keen to get some work experience and find out more about opportunities. In what ways could she use Twitter to help her? #agcasemids
  18. 18. Suggestions – part 1 Follow people and organisations that tweet publishing jobs using the Twitter search function for keywords and then by following other people’s lists. You can help your students by setting up lists for different sectors and encouraging students to follow them. E.g. careers #agcasemids
  19. 19. Suggestions – part 2 Follow people working in publishing. Observe them for a while and see what sorts of things they tweet about. Re-tweet interesting things and comment on the industry news – try to sound like a “professional in development”. As you start to build up a following, join in conversations. If you have a blog, link to that and your LinkedIn profile, and feed your blog posts onto Twitter so that people following you on Twitter can see examples of your ideas and your writing. #agcasemids
  20. 20. Summary and Tips Create a full profile Follow people, but not too many Tweet interesting things and links 3rd Party Apps make access easier Join the conversation! #agcasemids