HEA seminar - Access and Success for All


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HEA seminar - Access and Success for All

  1. 1. www.le.ac.uk/accessability AccessAbility Centre Online Study Guides for students with specific learning difficulties Matthew Mobbs and Claire Graham
  2. 2. www.le.ac.uk/accessability Background AccessAbility Centre offers: • Face-to-face study support for students with Specific Learning Difficulties • 4 Study Advisers offering 6 hour long appointments per day • 591 students with splds registered with Centre University of Leicester • 22,048 students in total • 8,651 (39%) distance learners • Only 27 distance learners with splds registered with Centre
  3. 3. www.le.ac.uk/accessability New Approach To engage and support DL students and a new approach for campus based students • 10 Online Study Guides •Designed based on ‘most frequently requested’ study support sessions
  4. 4. www.le.ac.uk/accessability Pedagogical Design • Multisensory approach preferred by students with splds (Mortimore, 2003). – Visuals – colour, images and subtitles – Audio – Voice over – Kinaesthetic – Interactivity • Length and style – Kept short to hold students’ attention. Approx 10 minutes each (Edirisingha, Salmon, Nie. 2008) – Mixed approaches: interactive activities, information and guidance and informal tone (Edirisingha, Salmon, Nie. 2008)
  5. 5. www.le.ac.uk/accessability The Guides Writing an Essay 480 hits Active Reading 353 Time Management and Organisation 275 Improving Concentration 267 Exam Skills 255 Writing a Dissertation 230 Note Taking Skills 212 Improving Memory 206 Spelling Strategies 195 Making Notes 138
  6. 6. www.le.ac.uk/accessability Example
  7. 7. www.le.ac.uk/accessability How they were made PowerPoint Adobe Presenter
  8. 8. www.le.ac.uk/accessability How they were made PowerPoint Adobe Presenter
  9. 9. www.le.ac.uk/accessability How they were made PowerPoint Adobe Presenterhttp://audacity.sourceforge.net/
  10. 10. www.le.ac.uk/accessability How they were made PowerPoint Adobe Presenter Adobe Presenter • PowerPoint Plugin • Combine Audio and visuals • Published to the Web
  11. 11. www.le.ac.uk/accessability Alternative Free Tools www.screenr.com
  12. 12. www.le.ac.uk/accessability Alternative Free Tools www.slideshare.net http://www.slideshare.net/uolssds/writing-an-essay
  13. 13. www.le.ac.uk/accessability Raising Awareness • Cards - posters • Web • Bb • YouTube • Podcasts • Course Handbooks • Direct mailing to distance learners • Email to all dyslexic students
  14. 14. www.le.ac.uk/accessability Methodology • Monitoring hits – 2611 in total by October 2010 – Indication of support needs – Patterns of use (seasonal and time of day) • Survey (online) – Capturing learner type (distance or campus-based) – Qualitative written feedback • Focus Groups – 2 focus groups • Formal Student interview • Informal feedback via study advice sessions
  15. 15. www.le.ac.uk/accessability Feedback Students have been positive about the resources: • appreciating different elements of the delivery depending on learning styles; • using the guides in a variety of ways, ie. 1) when it was difficult to get a face to face session, 2) to prepare for a meeting with a Study Adviser, 3) as consolidation after a study advice session.
  16. 16. www.le.ac.uk/accessability Feedback • Some students viewed the guides a number of times. • They appreciated being able to access the support 24/7. Comments included: ‘I liked the ‘Improving Memory’ one in particular: they had a sort of practical memory test right there and then. You can see that it actually works; and it stayed in my memory for longer…’ ‘…it’s nice to have this preliminary stuff done and out of the way so you can really concentrate on a specific area…You’ve built on something so when you get to the study adviser she can push you further’.
  17. 17. www.le.ac.uk/accessability Feedback – Points for improvement • Students didn’t like the fact that the text that mirrored the audio input was very small and in Times New Roman font. • Some students wanted to be able to skip whole sections of the presentation. • Students wanted more control over the pacing of the material. • Some students wanted more examples. • It was suggested that more in-depth presentations follow on from these ‘short intro’ guides
  18. 18. www.le.ac.uk/accessability Future Developments • Study guides to be signposted to every student booking a study advice session • iTunes U • One to one study advice sessions to be offered remotely using adobe connect from October 2010
  19. 19. www.le.ac.uk/accessability Examples of study guides • Improving Memory http://connect.le.ac.uk/memory • Essay Writing http://connect.le.ac.uk/essaywriting • All guides http://www2.le.ac.uk/offices/ssds/accessability/study- skills/study-guides