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Instructional Tech Academy Test.

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  • The main objective of this presentation is to allow new or prospective learners to learn how to navigate through the Student Information System and understand how to complete specific administrative tasks. The visuals are screen captures of the system to display exactly how to complete pertinent objectives using the SIS. This specific visual shows where students need to navigate to in order to log in.
  • This visual is to show the entire main menu so that the learners can familiarize themselves with the interface and navigation of the system.
  • The circle graphic is used to highlight where the learners need to look if they want to navigate to the main menu.
  • Additional information is connected to the arrow to indicate the links specific location in the main menu.
  • Pertinent icons are clearly indicated so that the learners do not get confused by the functions of each button. The blue arrow between the two visuals is to display a chronological progression between the two actions.
  • The graphics on the visual are specifically related to the text in order to display a visual representation of the text.
  • A highlighter option is used in this visual to clearly indicate where the learner should navigate to and the specific link that needs to be clicked.
  • A post-it note graphic is added for an eye catching effect so that the learner focuses on it.
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    1. 1. Navigating through the VCCSStudent Information System(SIS)
    2. 2. Objectives• Upon completion of this tutorial you should be able to:– Know what a Student Information is and its functions.– Navigate to Self Service menu.– Learn how to add and drop classes.– Locate the Quikpay link to pay for classes.– Check your financial aid status.– Find your current class schedule.– Check your final grades.– Access your unofficial transcripts or process an officialtranscript request.– Apply for graduation.
    3. 3. What is a Student Information System?• Manages student data.– Allows students to access their data.– Allows students enroll in courses.– Allows students to access grades and transcripts.– Allows students to check their semesterschedules.– Allows students to pay for courses as well as checkother financial information (accounts, balances).– Allows students to check their degree progressand apply for graduation.
    4. 4. How do I access the VCCS SIS• Go to: https://my.vccs.edu.– Type in your username and password.• If you cannot remember your login information or if you cannot login, clickthe, “Look up your username and set your password”.• Once logged in, select the, “VCCS SIS: Student Information System” link.
    5. 5. VCCS SIS Main Menu• The main menu is the home page of the studentinformation system.
    6. 6. • You can always navigate back to the mainmenu by selecting the “Home” tab on the topright of the webpage.
    7. 7. How do I add and/or Drop classes?• To add classes:– Select the Enrollment option form the main menu.• In the Enrollment menu look for, “add classes”
    8. 8. Add classes cont.• If you know the course number of the specific courseyou want to take you can directly type it the, :EnterClass Nbr” field and it will be added to yourschedule.
    9. 9. • Search for classes to add.– If you want to search for a course you can select the searchoption.• You can search by subject, course number, credit or non-credit, and by campus. Only one field needs to filled. Clicksearch for results.
    10. 10. • To Drop a class:– Select the Enrollment option form the main menu.• In the Enrollment menu look for, “drop classes”.• Additionally, if you want to replace an existing course with a newone select, “Swap Classes”.
    11. 11. • To drop a class you can select the trash icon next tothe class you want to drop and click “Proceed to Step2 of 3”. The last step will be to confirm your drop.
    12. 12. How Do I pay for Classes?• From the main menu, look for the “Self Service” option located on the topleft. Select the “Student Center” link below.• Within the Student Center page, select the “Go to QuikPAY” option underfinances and follow the prompts to pay for courses.
    13. 13. QuikPAY
    14. 14. How do I Find my Schedule?• From the main menu select the Enrollmentlink and look for the “My Class Schedule” linklocated in the middle column.
    15. 15. How do I Check my Final Grades?• From the Enrollment menu look for the, “Viewmy Grades” link.– Select the desired term (semester) and clickcontinue.
    16. 16. How do I Request a Transcript?• From the main menu,– Select for the “ My Academics” link.– You will see 2 options for transcript requests, Official andUnofficial.
    17. 17. How Do I check my Financial AidStatus?• From the main menu, select the “StudentCenter” option.– Within the Student Center page, look for the “ViewFinancial Aid” link. If you do not see an amount listedplease call the financial aid department immediately.
    18. 18. How do I apply for Graduation?• To apply for graduation, navigate to the “Degree Progress/Graduationoption located on the bottom left of the main menu.– Select the “Apply for Graduation” option.– Verify your personal information.– Select institution and the term you will be graduating at the end of.
    19. 19. For Assistance• If you have any questions or concerns pleasecall the Student Technical Helpdesk at:• 540-891-3077. Or email usat, Studenthelpdesk@germanna.edu.