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Scar-seminaari 23.5.2018 - Scar AKIS


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Scar-seminaari 23.5.2018

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Scar-seminaari 23.5.2018 - Scar AKIS

  1. 1. © Natural Resources Institute Finland “The SWG focuses on improvements of the functioning of knowledge and innovation systems in the Bioeconomy.” Finnish representatives in SCAR AKIS are: Matti Pastell, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) Sanna Sihvola, Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry SCAR AKIS flyer:
  2. 2. © Natural Resources Institute Finland SCAR AKIS reports 2 4.6.2018 2014 - EIPs, multi-actor approach 2012 2016
  3. 3. © Natural Resources Institute Finland SCAR AKIS 4th Mandate (2016-2018): • To improve the integrated approach within the European AKIS and the Implementation of the EIP. • Learning and feedback from interactive project approaches (multi-actors projects, thematic networks, operational groups); • To better address the knowledge flows along the whole production/value/supply chain in the AKIS, for the future; • Cross- fertilization with other EIPs and sectors: identification and evaluation of experiences from other EIPs (such as Water, Raw materials, Bio-Economies, ICT, Health, Aeronautics) and other sectors not related to boosting and improving the AKIS; • Analyzing the perspective of AKIS in Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture, across developing countries; • Monitoring interactive innovation policies and benchmarking for sustainability. 3 4.6.2018
  4. 4. © Natural Resources Institute Finland Special priorities of SCAR AKIS • Contributing to the development of the Research and Innovation Framework Programme Horizon 2020 and beyond • Enhancing the interaction with innovation, cooperation & networking initiatives under the CAP 2014-2020 and the CAP post 2020 • Further development of the interactive innovation model, launched under the EIP-AGRI and interlinkages along the supply/value chain • Full coverage of Foresight recommendations related to Knowledge and Innovation systems and partially taking up on recommendations related to Research themes and scope • Creating integrated approaches through incentivizing complementarities and synergies between policies, instruments and actors (mainly EU R&I policy, CAP, Regional and Education policies) • Contributing to the integrated approach with a focus to the different territorial levels of the several EU Research & Innovation strategies, in the field of Agri-food and bioeconomy • Better interconnection and partnerships among all EU AGRI actors and stakeholders, enhancing knowledge flows 4 4.6.2018
  5. 5. © Natural Resources Institute Finland SCAR AKIS -toiminta • Kokous 3-4 kertaa vuodessa – Chair: Adrien Guichaoua, Association de Coordination Technique Agricole (ACTA), France – Co-chair: Anikó Juhász, Research Institute of Agricultural Economics, Budapest, Hungary • Jokaisella kokouksella oma teema, johon kerätään tausta-aineistoa – Esityksiä eri maiden innovaatiojärjestelmistä ja käynnissä olevista hankkeista – Hyviä käytänteitä eri maiden EIP hankkeista ja temaattisista verkostoista • SCAR Foresight -työn seuraaminen ja tukeminen • Yhteistyö muiden SCAR-ryhmien kanssa (puheenjohtaja ja muutama aktiivinen jäsen) • SCAR CASA -hanke tukee myös AKISin työtä. Käynnissä 2 selvitystä: – Synergies among EU-funds in the field of research and innovation in agriculture – Inventory of research and innovation infrastructures improving knowledge flows in the field of agriculture • Kotisivu: 5 4.6.2018