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How to choose the best social networks for your business


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The secret to social media success is not doing it all, but doing it right. Of the over 200 social networks available today, how do you figure out which is best for your business? In this class we will cover the top 6 social media networks and the factors you need to consider in choosing the right networks for your business. Danielle Miller is a Social Media Expert and Founder of Miller Media Management. She specializes in authentically marketing small businesses on social media. After analyzing nearly a decade's worth of trends, she has developed strategic solutions that attract loyal customers.

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How to choose the best social networks for your business

  1. 1. How to Choose the Best For Your Business Presented by Social Networks
  2. 2. OVERVIEW Setting Goals Common Social Media Goals, Goal Setting Basics, Examples Know Your Company Mission, Strengths, Time, Budget Know Your Customers Demographics, Habits, Preferences 6 Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube
  3. 3. Top Social Media Goals Relationship Building - Grow and nourish communities of warm leads. Build authority, trust, and confidence. Brand Exposure - Build brand awareness through networking and link sharing to drive traffic to your website. Customer Service - Respond to conversations already going on about your industry, your competitors, and your business. Data Collection - Using social networking to have discussions with your customers and get to know them better.
  4. 4. Goal Setting Basics SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely ➔ Which of the top 4 goals are you targeting? ➔ What change are you trying to create? ➔ Can you quantify the change? ➔ What is your deadline? Benchmarks ➔ Your competition ➔ Your industry ➔ Your company history
  5. 5. Don’t “Increase email list sign ups through social media channels by 100 names by January 30, 2013.” “Increase website traffic referred from Facebook by 25% by June 1, 2014.” Do “Get more likes.” “Post twice a day everyday for 1 month.” “Get retweeted.” “Create 5 pin boards.” Example Goals
  6. 6. Know Your Company Mission - Why do you what you do? What are the long term effects you’d like to create? Strengths - Consider the resources you have to share. Are they images, text, audio, video, or some combination? What activities energize you? What activities drain you? Time - Consider the time it will take to create the content appropriate for each network. Budget - Organically break into markets or buy your way in to speed up the process.
  7. 7. Know Your Customers Demographic View - Age, gender, location, income, and education level can all be good indicators for choosing the best network for your business. Habits/Personality - How frequently do your customers go online? How much time do they have for browsing content? Which networks are your customers already using? Learning Preference - Do you customers have a preference when it comes to content? Certain networks allow for variety while others require images or videos.
  8. 8. Data provided by AddShoppers which relies on tracking code embedded on thousands of retailers' websites worldwide to determine whether sales revenue can be attributed to a referral from a social media site. Source: http://www.
  9. 9.
  10. 10. 1,260,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors: 1 Billion 1,000,000,000 409 Average Monthly Time: 409 Minutes Dominant Demographic: Men, 18-25. Good to Know: ★ 15 Million Facebook Business Pages ★ 751 Million Mobile Users ★ All content welcomed, images and videos are encouraged. Key Actions: ★ Create a Business Page ★ Likes, Shares, Comments ★ Join Groups, Like Pages as Your Page
  11. 11. 500,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors: 250,000,000 250,000,000 89 Average Monthly Time: 89 Minutes Dominant Demographic: Women, 26-34 Good to Know: ★ 43% Tweet on Mobile ★ 55% of Users are 35 or older Key Actions: ★ Retweet, Favorite, Mention @mmmsocialmedia ★ #Hashtags ★ Twitter Lists
  12. 12. 343,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors: 65,000,000 65,000,000 3 Average Monthly Time: 3 Minutes Dominant Demographic: Men, 26-34 Good to Know: ★ Posts are Searchable (SEO) ★ Over 50,000 Communities Key Actions: ★ Create a Business Page ★ +1, Comment, Add to Circle/Follow ★ Join Communities
  13. 13. 238,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors: 110,000,000 110,000,000 21 Average Monthly Time: 21 Minutes Dominant Demographic: Men, 26-34 Good to Know: ★ 3 Million Business Pages ★ 1.5 Million Groups Key Actions: ★ Create a Business Page ★ Connect, Endorse, Recommend ★ Join Groups
  14. 14. 70,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors: 85,000,000 85,500,000 409 Average Monthly Time: 409 Minutes Dominant Demographic: Women, 26-44 Good to Know: ★ 4th Largest Traffic Source in the World ★ Generates more revenue per click Key Actions: ★ Open a Business Account for access to analytics ★ Pin, Repin, Like, Send ★ Join Group Boards
  15. 15. 1,000,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors: 1 Billion 1,000,000,000 Good to Know: ★ Number 2 search engine in the world ★ 4 Billion hours of video viewed daily ★ 1 hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second ★ YouTube mobile gets over 600 million views a day ★ Nearly 1 of every 2 people on the Internet visits YouTube Key Actions: ★ Create a Channel/Profile ★ Views, Like, Comment
  16. 16. SUMMARY Set Goals Why are you using social media for marketing? What results will you track? Know Your Company What content assets does your business have? Know Your Customers Where are your customers? What transformation are you promising? Choose Social Networks Start with 1 primary and 1 secondary
  17. 17. The End For more social media and business marketing presentations, check out our page at slideshare. net/mmmsocialmedia. Connect with us for convenient and useful tips:
  18. 18. Unique Monthly Visitors Time Spent on Site YouTube Facts - facts-figures-and-statistics-infographic/#MhIeBoOzMkocs28a.99 Social Share E-Commerce Information 10#ixzz2jBMbg4ft