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Architectural Management & IDDS call for abstracts


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Architectural Management & IDDS call for abstracts

  1. 1. June 2012 Forthcoming Meeting CIB World Building Congress 2013: Construction and Society Congress Session on Architectural Management & IDDS; Improving Societal Performance of Architectural Design through Better Collaboration and Integration with the Aid of Information Technology and Knowledge Management Brisbane, Australia, 5th - 9th May 2013 Call for Abstracts W078 - Information Technology for Construction W096 - Architectural Management W102 - Information and Knowledge Management in Building Core Group CIB Priority Theme: Integrated Design and Delivery Solution (IDDS)Architectural Management and IDDS societal performance of architectural design through better integration and collaboration by means ofNew information, communication and knowledge information, communication and knowledgemanagement technologies are drastically influencing management technologies. The three main themes ofarchitectural design. The way architects collaborate this special session are:with other parties, how they exchange information and  Integrated architectural designshare knowledge increasingly is changing traditional  Design process integration and collaborationprocedures and roles. This is enforced by a range of  Improving societal performance.societal pressures directed at delivering buildings withproven and guaranteed quality and performance Themesthroughout the life span. This asks for betterintegration of knowledge in the process, better Abstracts are invited concerning improving societalcollaboration, whether or not forced by integrated performance of architectural design through betterprocurement, resulting in better societal performance integration and collaboration by means of informationin its widest sense. communication and knowledge managementIn this special session of CIB’s World Building Congress processes, techniques, and technologies. Theoretical2013 the organisers will explore the issue of improving models, practical approaches, case studies and
  2. 2. CIB Newsletterrecently completed doctoral work are welcome. CIB W078 Information Technology forAbstracts should address one or more of the following Constructionsub-themes (specified sub-themes are for guidanceand should be interpreted widely): The scope of W078’s work is broad in terms of the The integrated architectural design design, construction and occupation and occupancy of - The concept of design integration constructed facilities, but primarily it relates to the - Evidence and measurement of design product integration and communication of data, information integration and knowledge in the facility’s life cycle. Information - Integrating architecture with technology, and and Communication Technologies (ICT) are relevant to construction all aspects of the workplace and are seen as a major Design process integration and collaboration enabler of productivity improvement as well as more - The concept of design process integration sophisticated and integrated design and construction. - The concept of design collaboration. Against this background the Commission focuses on: - Improving design collaboration through  Development and application of integrated IT Knowledge Management throughout the life-cycle of the design, - Design collaboration improvement by means construction and occupancy of buildings and of ICT. related facilities - Big BIM and Little BIM, effects on integration  Demonstration of capabilities developed in and collaboration collaborative research projects on Construction - Changing roles by implementing IDDS IT. technologies Improving societal performance - Design integration through collaboration - Sustainable design integration - Creating, Sustaining, Reusing and Disseminating Knowledge for Sustainable Design - Supply chain optimisation through design CIB W096 Architectural Management - Lean design through better integration and Since its formation in 1993 Architectural Management collaboration (AM) has developed into a well-established domain. - Life cycle integration of architectural design Early years were focused on defining the scope of the commission, since which time the majority of the work has been centered around the theme of creating value through design, or more specifically through the effective management of design. In April 2009 the commission published its first state of the art book, (Architectural Management: international research and practice) providing a number of theoretical andAbstracts Submission practical applications of architectural management. Now, the commission’s aim is to look in more detail atAbstracts of no more than 300 words should be specific methods, tools and techniques for helping tosubmitted here. All abstracts are due by 30 June deliver better-integrated designs within the boarders2012 and should be no more than 300 words in of the changing contemporary developments inlength. If you like to be involved in this stream of the construction.conference, please indicate that you are submittingyour abstract to this special session, by selecting CIB W102 Information and KnowledgeAMIDDS as the option under the ‘CIB Commission Management in Buildingnumber’ drop down box at the submission page of theWBC. The Objective for the Working Commission is to cover concerns that are related to information andThe paper submission time schedule is as follows: knowledge management, both theoretical andCall for Abstract closed 30 June 2012 practical. Special points of attention are the following:Notification to Authors 23 July 2012  interface between general information and theFull Paper due 5 October 2012 building process and especially the dysfunctionReviewing Decisions due 7 December 2012 in the flow of information between researchersFinal Papers due 22 February 2013 and practitioners. The questions why research results are not put into practice, and how research results and feedback information can be converted and refined to be of practical use will be consideredInfo Section: Forthcoming MeetingsCIB Area of Scientific Interest: Design of Buildings and Management, Organisation and EconomicsCIB Theme: Integrated Design and Delivery SolutionsPage 2 of 3 07-06-2012
  3. 3. CIB Newsletter contemporary information systems bearing on Prof Charles Egbu the information needs of the building industry. and Dr Malik M A KhalfanCIB Priority Theme: Integrated Design Delivery, JointSolutions Coordinators CIB W102 Information and Knowledge Management in BuildingThe focus of the Integrated Design and DeliverySolutions CIB Priority theme is on pursuing a vision of Bob Owen senior research fellowa revitalised sector through the rapid adoption of new Joint coordinator CIBprocesses, developing a workforce with enhanced skills Priority Theme: IDDS on Integrated Designand supported by information and knowledge Delivery Solutionstechnologies. The goal is a sector where people withtraditional and new skills practice more collaborative Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ir. Matthijs Prinsand communicative processes supported by pervasive, Coordinator W096 onbut nearly transparent, knowledge and information Architectural Managementbased technology. These professionals will be workingtowards continuous improvements across every phase You can find more information on the activities of CIBand significant task of the project: conceptual planning W078 here, CIB W096 here and CIB W102 here.and making the business case; all parts of design,supply chain, construction, commissioning; operation;retrofit; and even decommissioning and carrying thelessons learned into subsequent projects.Additional InformationThe full Call for Papers, of which this News article is abrief summary, can be downloaded here.If your need more information please don’t hesitate tocontact the organisers via: M.Prins@tudelft.nlProf. Robert Amor W078 on InformationTechnology for Construction and JointCoordinator CIB Priority Theme IDDS onIntegrated Design Delivery SolutionsInfo Section: Forthcoming MeetingsCIB Area of Scientific Interest: Design of Buildings and Management, Organisation and EconomicsCIB Theme: Integrated Design and Delivery SolutionsPage 3 of 3 07-06-2012