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Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. Nature and Destructionon the computer
  2. 2. Our presentation argues that computer is becomingindependent from humans because it has its own spirit.Although the spirit of the computer is usually hiddenfrom us, we can discover it by destroying the relationshipbetween humans and computer. First, Mizuno states thatthe cursor absorbs the stream of human consciousnessand becomes trans-trance-metamedium in thes t r e a m o f i n f o r m a t i o n t h r o u g h e x o n e m o ’sDanmatsuMouse. Second, Mizukawa shows that, throughGlitch, computer operation synchronizes with humanexpression.
  3. 3. Nature|Cursor|Destruction
  4. 4. Hybrid|Metamedium|Chimera
  5. 5. What is thecomputer?
  6. 6. Alan Kay; The computeris metamedium
  7. 7. Lev Manovich;The computer is hybrid
  8. 8. In contrast, in hybrid media thelanguages of previously distinctm e d i a c o m e t o g e t h e r. T h eyexchange properties, create newstructures, and interact on thedeepest layer.
  9. 9. Sølen Pold; The computerhas a chimerical quality
  10. 10. The computer is a new kind ofmedia-machine that mediates theinstrumental or functional andfunctionalizes the representationbecomes functional.
  11. 11. The Computeris metamediumhybrid+chimera
  12. 12. Horizontal|Cursor|Vertical
  13. 13. GUI
  14. 14. the privilege position
  15. 15. The cursor can moveeverywhere because ofits privilege position
  16. 16. B BB B A A B B A AB B B TCP/IP B A decentralized network
  17. 17. (root) edu com org Jodi RhizomeBrown mit www Sun Apple Nintendo Microsoft 3DSMac iPhone iPod Wii DNS A hierarchical system
  18. 18. The cursor is the crossingbetween the horizontal axis andthe vertical one in the relationbetween the computer and thehuman.
  19. 19. DestructionDanmatsuMouse Trance-trance
  20. 20. When destroying the mouse,Trembling cursor represents the last statement of themouse. Motion of the mouse and the cursor are recordedsimultaneously.        They will be replayed in parallel on your desktop.          Device desperately crosses over the frame of the image.    expanded moving image- DanmatsuMouse     (Danmatsuma = = last agony)
  21. 21. The Cursor isa ‘trans-’ entity
  22. 22. One more thing
  23. 23. The Cursor isa ‘trance-’ entity
  24. 24. The Cursor isa ‘trans-trance- metamedium’