Field study 3 nov. presentation public copy


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Field study 3 nov. presentation public copy

  1. 1. Field Study #3 Martha McKay November 2010
  2. 2. What I know: • Increased focus on oral proficiency is the most recent movement in the area of foreign language education. • Students want to become more proficient in oral language.
  3. 3. So what is stopping them? • Speaking a FL in class makes students anxious! They know their oral communication needs to improve, but they are shy and reticent.
  4. 4. Motivation is the key… • A successful language learner is a motivated learner. • Research tells me that students experience a decrease in anxiety when teachers use a more personalized approach. • So how do I help all my students become more successful?
  5. 5. My wonderings… • How can I ease student anxiety? • How can I motivate my students? • How will technology help me do this?
  6. 6. My Question How will my use of a variety of technologies help me create a motivating environment in my language classroom? Will You notes in spanishpodcasts Trapped Chile Miners Found Alive After 17 Days
  7. 7. Step 1: Classroom set-up
  8. 8. • Now I’m ready to go…
  9. 9. Document Camera • Oral presentations • Show & Tell • Authentic materials • Capturing/recording student presentations • Capturing notes and posting on blog • Immediate feedback for writing lessons
  10. 10. I continue to love my blog… • posting notes, assignments, news, links to songs and videos • great organizational tool for me • •
  11. 11. Wallwisher
  12. 12. podcasts
  13. 13. • fill-in-the blank podcast exercise • next: have the students make up their own fill-in-the blank exercise
  14. 14. Evidence / data XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  15. 15. Evidence / data XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  16. 16. Evidence / data • Students’ work • Slideshow presentations (add links here) • • •
  17. 17. Survey results • When asked what helped them learn the most, all students without fail mentioned working in partners. XXXXXXXXXXX
  18. 18. XX XX xx xx xx xx
  19. 19. • No more motivation tickets!
  20. 20. • Photo here of my students who are going to Spain with me during March Break • (photo not displayed for privacy reasons)
  21. 21. • Photo here of the fiesta I hosted with our school’s Spanish-speaking International students and my Spanish 11 class. • (photo not displayed for privacy reasons)
  22. 22. Research • “Studies exploring the comparative effectiveness of classroom instruction compared to computer-based equivalents seem besides the point in an environment in which it is hardly possible not to use technology.”
  23. 23. Research • computer-mediated communication provides feedback and students like feedback • (my students were disappointed they didn’t always hear back from their partners. that’s why typewithme was good) • moving from an instructor dominated class to more student-centered lowers anxiety (oral presentations to groups instead of in front of the class) • technology promotes learning motivation • students report that the friendly, supportive and personal attention of the teacher was critical in providing an atmosphere conducive to learning • “use the Internet not so much to teach the same thing in a different way, but rather to help students enter into a new realm of collaborative enquiry and construction of knowledge” • re new literacies: language teachers should connect their in-course tasks with the experiences of students in their (real) on-line lives.
  24. 24. • The impact of the teacher on classroom environment is huge. • My motivation to try new things has in turn motivated my students • It is actually not about the technology…